Session II: The Quotable Quote: Understanding the Media and Developing Key Messages &Talking Points

Aired on August 8, 2013

Webinar Series Overview

Over the past several decades, the nationís three million nursing professional have been quietly defining and expanding their roles through championing quality of care improvements, spearheading research innovation and advocating for patient rights in ways that the majority of the public is unaware.

Join us for this three part series to learn how to better promote the impact of your nursing research and communicate your work to the general public to help improve health care policies and bring health care decision making to the foreground.span class="large">

Webinar Overview

This session will introduce the different types of media and focus on what those media outlets are looking for. Explaining your research succinctly is critical. Hear about strategies that can be used to develop key messages and talking points.

Webinar Speaker

Jeannette Carrick

Senior Director of Communications and Marketing, University of California, Davis





Laura Perry

Director of Communications, University of California, Los Angeles

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Washington, DC 20036

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