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NursingCAS is an easy way to apply to nursing school. It is the nation's only service that enables individuals to apply to multiple nursing programs of interest offered at all levels with one, online application and set of transcript(s). The service helps to streamline the application process while providing guidance, updates, and support to applicants every step of the way. 

About NursingCAS

Applicants pay a nominal fee to use the service and benefit from the convenience of being able to research and apply to any participating nursing school with a single, online application and one set of transcripts. NursingCAS also provides resources to applicants to help inform them about potential programs of interest including the monthly newsletter, the applicant events calendar, and the participating programs directory

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Find a Program

The NursingCAS Participating Program Directory is a comprehensive resource to find information and admissions requirements about participating programs for all educational levels including BSN, MSN, DNP, and PhD programs. Log into or create an account on Nursing to search programs by school, state, program type, delivery, track, or keyword search. Search available programs today.

If you are not sure which program is right for you, explore our Glossary of Nursing Degrees.

Applying to Programs with NursingCAS

Begin by creating your NursingCAS account. You may then choose programs, request transcripts and references, and complete the four main sections of the NursingCAS Application (Personal Information, Academic History, Supporting Information, and Program Materials). Before you apply we strongly encourage you to read our comprehensive application instructions.

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The Events Calendar showcases online and in-person admissions events offered by participating schools. Visit the calendar to see upcoming events near you.


NursingCAS has a dedicated customer service team available to applicants. Contact customer service for any questions or concerns including inquiries about your application status, verification, receipt of supporting materials, how to complete the application, uploading documents, or submitting reference requests.

However, if you have school specific questions regarding admissions criteria, requirements, program information, etc. that are not listed on the program’s homepage then you should contact the school directly.

Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (ET)


Mail: P.O. Box 9201, Watertown, MA 02471

Phone: 617-612-2880

Twitter: @NursingCAS

Please note you can also check your application status online, including whether or not your transcripts have been processed.