Featured Speakers

Philip Dickison, PhD
Chief Officer, Examinations Department
National Council of State Boards of Nursing

Session: Changes to the NCLEX: Preparing the Graduates of the Future

We are in a period of swift, transformative change and nurses are making more critical decisions at all levels of the healthcare system. Come hear Dr. Dickison as he describes the evolution of the new NCLEX exam.

Cy Wakeman, MS
President and Founder
Reality-Based Leadership

Session: Reality-Based Leadership: Implications for Academic Nursing Leadership

Start leading first and managing second in an academic environment - a dynamic visionary and a skilled leader, Cy Wakeman shares her approach to reducing conflict and solving long term problems.

Gail Stuart, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina

Session: Disruptive Innovation

Learn more about the theory of Disruptive Innovation and how it can be used as a positive force for change in Schools of Nursing.