Ethics Concept Across Multiple Program Types and Domains


This resource focuses on the concept of Ethics, which includes recommendations for integrated learning strategies, assessment strategies, exemplars, and recommended content for entry-level and advanced levels. The spreadsheet and word document consist of the following:

  • Integrative Learning Strategies: The strategies serve as examples of clinical and didactic learning experiences that can be included in the curriculum to prepare graduates with the expected competencies and sub-competencies. Some strategies may cross more than one domain, which will be indicated.
  • Resources: Includes case studies, simulations, webinars, websites, and online learning modules.
  • Recommended Content: Recommended or suggested content for entry-level and advanced-level competencies guides faculty in deciding what content areas are recommended for each domain, competency, and sub-competency.
  • Recommended Assessment Strategies: Some assessment strategies are recommended as options for faculty to assess students’ competencies in a particular area. All instruments may not be valid, reliable, standardized assessment tools except where noted.
  • References: Includes key articles and other sources recommended or about the individual domains.

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Posted: December 8, 2021
Submitted by:

Ethics Concept Tool Kit Working Group

Carol Taylor, PhD, Georgetown University
Pamela Grace, PhD, Boston College
Sarah Vittone, DBe, Georgetown University

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