CCNE's 20th Anniversary: 1998-2018

Celebrating a milestone in assuring excellence in nursing

In November 2017, CCNE announced a year-long celebration, honoring the contributions of faculty and administrators at its accredited programs, volunteer on-site evaluators, and past and current committee and Board members, who all work together to promote excellence in nursing. More information can be found on the 20th anniversary announcement.


CCNE At A Glance: 1998-2018

Since CCNE first began conducting accreditation activities in 1998, there has been a tremendous expansion in nursing education. Find out more about CCNE’s milestones and activities over the past 20 years, including the numbers of students and residents enrolled in CCNE-accredited programs and volunteers involved in the accreditation process.

CCNE’s 20th Anniversary Editorial Series

Throughout its 20th anniversary year, CCNE will be publishing a series of editorials highlighting the CCNE values that were adopted at its inception. Please check back throughout the year to read the latest editorial.

  • Second Edition: January 31, 2018
  • First Edition: December 21, 2017