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Resources for Deans


Welcome to this web resource designed specifically for Deans at AACN member institutions.

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Leadership Development

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Meeting Highlights

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Member News

Peer-to-Peer, AACN's Dean Mentoring Program. Peer-powered Excellence in Academic Nursing Leadership

AACN Dean Mentoring Program

Geared toward new, early career, and transitioning deans, matches made each year between experienced deans and early career deans to provide guidance, insight, and experience informed tips and tactics for leading academic nursing.

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Latest AACN Announcements & Initiatives for Members

AACN Announces Special Discount in Honor of National Nurses Month
February 7, 2024

Be a part of the celebration this May! AACN invites you to showcase your school’s success in the May 2024 Special Issue of AACN’s Syllabus, commemorating National Nurses Month. Join fellow member schools in highlighting the incredible work and contributions of the academic nursing community. From breakthrough initiatives to collaborative achievements, this edition magnifies the profound impact of nursing education and the profession.

AACN Launches New Culture and Climate Survey to Assess Inclusive Learning Environments in Schools of Nursing
February 1, 2024

AACN has launched a new survey instrument to assist nurse educators in their work to create inclusive learning environments where all students have a strong sense of belonging and purpose. 

Leadership Development Opportunity for Deans New to Their Role or in Transition
December 5, 2023

The Advancing Academic Leadership for Deans program is a 13-month experience designed to enhance executive leadership skills. Tailored for new deans or those in career transitions, the program features assessments, leadership content, and networking opportunities. Combining in-person meetings and virtual sessions, participants undertake a learning development project at their institution, with top projects highlighted at an AACN conference. Application deadline: January 15, 2024. Learn more here.

AACN Statement on Upcoming Conference Locations
August 15, 2023

AACN applauds the robust and open dialogue about the upcoming AACN conferences in Florida, that is currently underway in our online discussion community. These discussions are extremely helpful to us as we consider how to move forward with programming in states with an anti-DEI legislative environment. Read AACN’s statement about upcoming conference locations. 

AACN Response to the Legislative Actions Impacting DEI
June 2, 2023
AACN continues to monitor legislative action impacting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across the country, and we stand firm in our commitment to our nursing schools and to the overarching goal of ensuring equitable health care for all people. To achieve that goal, we will continue to champion DEI while promoting the development of a more diverse and inclusive student, staff, and faculty population. 

AACN Statement on Supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Academic Nursing
April 19, 2023
As the collective voice for academic nursing, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) stands firm in our commitment to meeting current and future healthcare needs. An expanding body of research shows the importance of a diverse and inclusive nursing workforce for reducing health disparities, addressing social determinants of health, and improving patient outcomes.

New Culture and Climate Survey for Schools of Nursing
March 1, 2023
Sign up now for AACN’s Leading Across Multidimensional Perspectives (LAMP℠) Culture and Climate Survey that can assess the experiences of diverse students, faculty, and staff at nursing schools and identify practices that facilitate student success and a sense of belonging.

Focusing on the Future of Faculty
February 22, 2023
Read the latest Rounds with Leadership for a Summary Report on the Future of Faculty Forum, which has an overview of the faculty shortage including the latest data, steps for building a shared understanding of the challenges before us, and strategies for boosting faculty supply.

AACN Statement on Fraudulent Nursing Schools
February 3, 2023
AACN applauds the Department of Justice for shutting down a corrupt scheme involving three fraudulent nursing schools in Florida engaged in selling phony nursing diplomas and transcripts to individuals seeking nursing positions.


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The Essentials Update: the Latest on the AACN Essentials. Click here to learn more.

Essentials Discussion Corner

Essentials Discussion Corner

AACN invites member deans and faculty to share details about their school’s Essentials implementation efforts, ask questions, and share practices that may help inform decision-making and next steps. 

To help facilitate discussions, AACN has created a dedicated discussion area to foster conversations about the Essentials. The forum can be used to share details about your school’s Essentials implementation efforts, ask questions, and share practices that may help inform decision-making and next steps. Members are encouraged to lead and participate in discussions. 

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Read the Latest Rounds with Leadership

Cynthia McCurren and Deb Trautman

A forum for AACN’s Board Chair and President/CEO to offer commentary on issues and trends impacting academic nursing.

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