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AACN's Research and Data Center provides custom data reports to meet the needs or preferences of any establishment that is seeking to advance nursing higher education. In most cases, custom reports are utilized by nursing deans looking to compare resources with other institutions for internal decision making. External research firm requests are also considered on a case by case basis. For planning purposes, please note that due to the volume of customized reports received, there is a standard two- to three-week turnaround time for requested reports once a signed letter of agreement has been received. For larger requests, a longer turnaround time may be necessary.

Since custom reports are tailored specifically to the needs of the requester, the Research and Data Services Department recommends placing a custom order form in order to familiarize themselves with the various data that can be analyzed for a custom report. If an individual or organization is looking for further clarification on available data or for questions regarding how to start the process of acquiring a custom report, contact the Research Department.

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Nick Havey, PhD
Director of Institutional Research and Data Services
(202) 463-6930 ext. 225

Jenny Keyt, MS
Data Manager
(202) 868-4328

Carrie Byrne, M.Eng.
Data Coordinator
(202) 868-4323