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Special Offers for AACN Conferences

Special Conference Discount for AACN Members in Celebration of National Nurses Week

We value your commitment to nursing education and your loyalty to us. To show our appreciation, we would like to give back to you! Starting April 1, AACN Members receive $50 off the regular registration fee of $449 for any of the conferences listed here. This special expires May 12, 2018 with the celebration of National Nurses Week.


Package Offers

Network Member Discounts

Network Members receive a discount when registering for the conference related to their specific network.

GNAP Network Members
                    $30 Off Discount
BONUS Network Members
  $30 Off Discount
NAP Network Members
  $30 Off Discount
OLN Network Members
  $20 Off Discount
PLN Network Members
  $20 Off Discount
RLN Network Member
  $20 Off Discount
Additional Discounts

Additional Registration(s) from same institution  receive an $30 off discount.

Students** receive a 50% off discount to the following conferences:

**Full-time undergraduate students carrying 12 or more credit hours or graduate students carrying 
9 or more credit hours this semester may request a 50% discount. Please submit your request together with verification of your full time student status to: