NAP Steering Committee

Please address your comments to either the chair or AACN staff liaison noted.

Dinny Trabert, Chair
University of Utah

Katisha Paige, Chair-Elect
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Peggy Person, Past Chair/Nominating Chair
University of Kansas

Christopher Collins, Program Co-Chair
University of Oklahoma

Debbie Powell, Program Co-Chair
University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Diane Oswald, Membership Chair
Texas A&M University Health Science Center

Marilyn McGhee, Marketing/PR Co-Chair
Florida State University

Lisa Macias, Marketing/PR Co-Chair
University of Oklahoma

Susan Kukic, Hospitality Chair
Pennsylvania State University

Marlee Stynchula, Secretary
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jeff Peery, Communications Chair
Brigham Young University

Beth Aronson, AACN Staff Liaison
Membership Director