Featured ANLC Speakers

Dr. Sherry Turkle               

Best-selling Author, Researcher, and MIT Professor

Sherry Turkle has spent the last 30 years studying the psychology of people’s relationships with technology. Dr. Turkle has investigated the intersection of digital technology and human relationships from the early days of personal computers to our current world of robotics, artificial intelligence, social networking and mobile connectivity. Join us for a fascinating exploration into our lives on the digital terrain, which will show how technological advancement doesn’t just catalyze change in what we do – it affects how we think. 

Be sure to check out Sherry Turkle’s TED Talk – Connected, But Alone – to learn more about this dynamic speaker.

Dr. Dan Weberg

Head of Clinical Innovations, Trusted Health, San Francisco, CA

Healthcare education and systems are experiencing massive disruptions. High performing organizations use rigorous innovation to adapt to the changing market. This presentation discusses how leaders can build innovation into their systems in order to create the future.