AACN Annual Survey Advisory Group

         Katharine Bonneson, DPA
Chief Administrative Officer
School of Nursing
University of Minnesota 

Marg Hammersla, PhD
Senior Director DNP Program
Assistant Professor
Organizational Systems Adult Health
University of Maryland School of Nursing 


Janie Heath, PhD
Dean and Warwick Professor of Nursing
University of Kentucky College of Nursing

    Margaret Hill, MA
Assistant Dean for Administration
School of Nursing
University of Texas-Austin 

Victoria Niederhauser, DrPH
Dean & Professor
University of Tennessee  College of Nursing

    Lynn Shull, MHA
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
College of Nursing
Medical University of South Carolina
    Di Fang, PhD, AACN Staff Liaison
Director of Institutional Research and Data Services
202-463-6930 ext. 225