AACN Essentials Implementation Steering Committee

Committee Charge:
  • Finalizing the plan for the Implementation Roadmap of the 2021 Essentials
  • Providing broad-based oversight for the implementation process
  • Making ongoing recommendations for actions and activities related to the Roadmap,
  • Overseeing the work and progress of the Essentials Ad Hoc Work Groups
  • Monitoring for issues that impact significant sections of AACN membership or present major challenges for the implementation process
  • Ongoing evaluation of the implementation processes and phases
headshot of Jackie Dunbar-Jacob

Jackie Dunbar-Jacob, PhD, Co-Chair
University of Pittsburgh

headshot of Maureen Swick

Maureen Swick, PhD, Co-Chair
Senior Vice President and System Nurse Executive
Atrium Health

headshot of Bimbola Akintade

Bimbola Akintade, PhD, First Term
Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Master’s Degree Programs
University of Maryland

headshot of Kristine L'Ecuyer

Kristine L’Ecuyer, PhD, First Term
Associate Professor and Associate Dean
Saint Louis University

headshot of Susan Ruppert

Susan Ruppert, PhD, First Term
Professor and Associate Dean and Chair of Graduate Studies
University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston

headshot of Holisa Wharton

Holisa Wharton, PhD, First Term
Lander University

headshot of Ann White

Ann H. White, PhD, First Term
University of Southern Indiana

headshot of Jean Giddens

Jean Giddens, PhD, Board Liaison
Virginia Commonwealth University


Susan Corbridge, PhD, Staff Liaison
Interim Essentials Implementation Director


Joan Stanley, PhD, Staff Liaison
Chief Academic Officer


New Essentials Implementation Working Groups Formed

AACN is pleased to announce that 73 leaders representing nursing education, research, and practice have been appointed to serve on new AACN Essentials Tool Kit working groups. With individual groups formed to address each of the 10 domains and 8 concepts identified in the Essentials. The volunteers engaged in this work will identify learning strategies, recommended content, and assessment measures to help schools transition their programs to meet the new competency expectations.

View the Working Group Members