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2020 National Faculty Meeting - Planning Resources

AACN is asking member schools to schedule a second National Faculty Meeting between November 15 and December 30, 2020 to share the current draft of the Essentials with faculty and practice partners and collect any input. 

The structure of the 2020 National Faculty Meeting is flexible. You may consider inviting representatives from your key practice partner organizations. We encourage you to consider collaborating with a neighboring nursing program to operationalize this event. We recommend you schedule at least one event that spans 75-90 minutes, depending on your unique situation and the size of your group. These decisions are up to you.

We are providing several tools and resources for you to share with invited attendees to facilitate a meaningful dialogue. These resources include an overview video, link to the latest draft Essentials, a summary of feedback from a recent input session at the Academic Nursing Leadership Conference, proposed discussion questions, and a link to provide feedback from your institution. See resource links below:

When planning your meeting, the agenda items should include (in this order):

  1. Essentials Draft Document

    NOTE: Please reinforce that this work is still in DRAFT format. The task force recognizes that there remain outstanding questions, including use of simulation, clinical practice expectations, and final degree products that require continued conversation.
  2. Video presentation prepared for the second National Faculty Meeting
  3. Group Discussion Questions
    A facilitated group discussion using the set of questions below. The group is asked to capture comments and the discussion as best as possible using one or more note-takers. You may choose to use a small group format or a full-group discussion, depending on the size of your group and setting. The questions are:
    1. What do you like best about the new Essentials?

    2. What do you still have questions about or need more information on?

    3. How can AACN help you implement the new Essentials, such as tools, resources, and faculty development?

  4. Online Survey for Input
    Finally, we ask that the dean or one designee complete the online survey to capture the group’s comments or ideas they wish to provide.


AACN staff are available to answer any questions you may have regarding this faculty meeting. Please send questions to

We thank you in advance for your engagement in the work to re-envision the Essentials. Your participation and input are vital to continuing this important work for the nursing profession.