Governance Task Force

In 2014, the AACN Board of Directors established the Futures Task Force to develop recommendations regarding potential new efforts that can be implemented to support the mission of the organization and assure support for the development of a nursing workforce for the future. See the Futures Task Force Report. As part of its charge, the task force conducted an organizational assessment to determine if AACN is well positioned to meet the needs of all internal and external stakeholders given the expansion of our mission and reach. In order for AACN to truly serve as the catalyst for innovation in nursing education that will improve health and health care, the task force recommended in its final report that AACN should “explore opportunities for alternative governance structures that will support nimbleness, innovation, timeliness, collaboration, and inclusivity (e.g. advisory councils, different board models, expanded memberships, emphasis on generative role for governance).”

The Task Force will: 

1. Explore governance structures that support nimbleness, innovation, timeliness, collaboration, and inclusivity.

2. Consider advisory councils, different board models, and expanded membership opportunities. 

3. Ensure membership constituents are provided opportunities for full engagement and are optimally positioned for success.

Please address your comments to either the chair or AACN staff liaison noted.

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C. Fay Raines, PhD, Chair
Emeritus Member
6814 Jones Valley Drive SE
Huntsville, AL 35802
(256) 882-3720

Susan Bakewell-Sachs, PhD, Board Liaison
Dean and Vice President, Oregon Health and Science University
School of Nursing, SN ADM
3455 SW US Veterans Hospital Road
Portland, OR 97239-2941
(503) 494-3866

Sue Barnason, PhD, Faculty Representative
Professor, College of Nursing
University of Nebraska Medical Center
985330 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-5330
(402) 472-7259

Margaret Callahan, PhD, Honorary Member
Loyola University Chicago
Stritch School of Medicine and Cuneo Center
Room 420
Chicago, IL 60660
(708) 216-9222

Susan Dean-Baar, PhD
Dean, College of Nursing
University of Missouri-St. Louis
1 University Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63121
(314) 516-6730

Lisa Eichelberger, PhD
Dean, College of Health, School of Nursing
Clayton State University
5900 N. Lee Street
Morrow, GA 30260
(678) 466-5551

Glenda Kelman, PhD
Chair, Department of Nursing
The Sage Colleges
65 First Street
Troy, NY 12180
(518) 244-2231

Jean Leuner, PhD
Dean, College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Auburn University at Montgomery
PO Box 244023
Montgomery, AL 36124
(334) 244- 3658

Elias Provencio-Vasquez, PhD
Dean, School of Nursing
University of Texas-El Paso
500 W. University
School of Nursing Room 368
El Paso, TX 79968
(915) 747-8194

David Vlahov, PhD
Associate Dean of Research, School of Nursing
Yale University
400 West Campus Drive, Room 32306
Orange, CT 06477

Marge Wiggins, DNP, Practice Representative
Vice President of Nursing
Maine Medical Center
22 Bramhill Street 
Portland, ME 04102
(207) 662-0111

Deb Trautman, PhD, AACN Staff Liaison
Chief Executive Officer
(202) 463-6930 ext 227

Jennifer Ahearn, MBA, AACN Staff Liaison
Chief Operating Officer
(202) 463-6930 ext. 228