Health Policy Advisory Council

In January of 2015, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing’s (AACN) Board of Directors approved an initiative to create a Health Policy Advisory Council (HPAC) that would provide significant insights to guide the association in its development of Policy statements surrounding current and emerging areas in health, healthcare, and higher education. This work is a part of a larger Board approved proposal that will increase the footprint AACN members can make in the policies that will impact health locally and globally.

HPAC’s purpose is to provide contextual and policy guidance to the association for issues that require insight from nursing academia expertise. 

AACN’s Health Policy Advisory Council will:

1) Provide strategic guidance for the health policy department on federal level rules and regulations, notices, and other requests for comment;

2) Identify contemporary and emerging policy issue areas that impact academic nursing; 

3) Review policy statements, analyses, and member communications regarding AACN’s position on national policy issues;

4) Assist with identification and vetting of individuals to serve as experts to represent the association on specific issues and as nominees for federal committees.

Please address your comments to either the chair or AACN staff liaison noted.
    Cindy Cooke, DNP, Chair
Adjunct Faculty
University of Mary, North Dakota 
David Auerbach  

David Auerbach, PHD
External Adjunct Faculty
Montana State University

    Susan BirchMBA
Washington State Health Care Authority
University of Washington  
  Garrett Chan, PhD
President/CEO, HealthImpact
Adjunct Professor
University of California San Francisco
    Mollie CumminsPhD
Health Informaticist 
University of Utah
Josh Hamilton  

Josh Hamilton, DNP
President & Chief Clinical Officer, The Hamilton Group Behavioral Health, LLC
Nursing Dean and Graduate Program Director
Rasmussen University

    Lisa Kane LowPhD
Associate Dean for Practice and Professional Graduate Studies
University of Michigan
    Mikki Meadows-Oliver, PhD
Associate Professor
Quinnipiac University 
  Betty Rambur, PhD
Routhier Endowed Chair for Practice, Professor
University of Rhode Island
             Cheryl TaylorPhD
Associate Professor of Nursing
Southern University and A&M College, Louisiana
    Colleen Leners, DNP
AACN Staff Liaison 
Director of Policy
202-463-6930 ext. 223 

Emily Turek
AACN Staff Liaison
Government Affairs and Policy Coordinator
202-463-6930 ext. 287