AACN's Joint Council

The Joint Council provides the opportunity for additional leaders within AACN to engage with and share feedback directly to the Board of Directors. The Council will include Chairs of Committees, Task Forces, Advisory Groups, Like School Groups, Leadership Network Steering Committees, GNSA Leadership Council, and other internal groups. The Joint Council will meet once a year with an opportunity for both in-person and virtual participation. A discussion topic will be developed to frame the meeting.

Facilitated by Susan Bakewell-Sachs, Board Chair and Cynthia McCurren, Board Chair-Elect 


Susan Bakewell-Sachs, AACN Board Chair, Oregon Health and Sciences University

Judy Beal, AACN-AONL Committee Co-Chair, Emeritus Member

Marion Broome, Research-Focused Doctoral Program Pathways to Excellence Task Force Chair, Duke University

Stephen Cavanagh, Nominating Committee Chair, University of California-Davis

Jackie Dunbar-Jacob, Academic Health Centers Like Schools Facilitator, University of Pittsburgh

Nancy Fahrenwald, Government Affairs Committee Chair, Texas A&M University

Kathryn Fiandt, Practice Leadership Network (PLN) Steering Committee Chair, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Olivia Frazier, Nursing Advancement Professionals (NAP) Steering Committee Chair, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Susan Gennaro, PhD Pre-Conference Subcommittee Chair, Boston College

Jean Giddens, AACN Board Member and Essentials Task Force Co-Chair, Virginia Commonwealth University

Nancy Halderman, Business Officers of Nursing Schools (BONUS) Steering Committee Chair, Indiana Wesleyan University

Janie Heath, Program Committee Chair, University of Kentucky

Judith Karshmer, AACN Board Member, Arizona State University

Lynette Landry, Membership Committee Chair,  California State University Channel Islands

Shirleatha Lee, Transform Conference, University of South Carolina-Upstate

Jean Leuner, AACN Board Secretary, Auburn University Montgomery

Jerry Mansfield, AACN Board Member, Mount Carmel Health Systems

Cynthia McCurren, AACN Board Chair-Elect and Essentials Task Force Co-Chair, University of Michigan-Flint

John McFadden, Essentials Task Force Co-Chair, Barry University

Shazia Mitha, Graduate Nursing Student Academy (GNSA) Leadership Council Chair, Columbia University

Brenda Morris, Faculty Leadership Network (FLN) Steering Committee Chair, Arizona State University

Robyn Nelson, Faculty Development Conference Subcommittee Chair, West Coast University

Victoria Niederhauser, AACN Board Member, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Polly Pittman, Health Policy Advisory Council (HPAC) Chair, The George Washington University

Demetrius Porche, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair, Louisiana State University Health Science Center

Randolph Rasch, AACN Board Member, Michigan State University

Lisa Rosenberg, NursingCAS Advisory Group Chair, Rush University

April Rowe Neal, Small/Liberal Arts Colleges Like Schools Facilitator, Luther College

George Sakkal, GNAP Steering Committee Chair, University of Minnesota

Diane Salvador, Executive Development Series Subcommittee Chair, Elmhurst College

Julie Sanford, AACN Board Member, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Shannon Smith, Private Colleges/Universities Like Schools Facilitator, Claflin University

Jan Strom, AACN Board Member, Aurora University

Tanya Sudia, Research Leadership Network (RLN) Steering Committee Chair, Augusta University

Linda Thompson, Doctoral Conference Subcommittee Chair, University of Massachusetts Boston

Deb Trautman, President and CEO, American Association of Colleges of Nursing

Christine Verni, Organizational Leadership Network (OLN) Steering Committee Chair, D’Youville College

Terri Weaver, AACN Board Member, University of Illinois-Chicago

Ann White, Public Colleges/Universities Like Schools Facilitator, University of Southern Indiana

Marjorie Wiggins, AACN Board Member, Maine Medical Center

Lin Zhan, AACN Board Treasurer, University of Memphis

Deb Zimmerman, AACN-AONL Committee Co-Chair, Virginia Commonwealth University