Program Committee

Please address your comments to the AACN staff liaison noted.


                Janie Heath, PhD
Chair, Program Committee

Dean and Warwick Professor of Nursing
College of Nursing
University of Kentucky 

Diane Salvador, PhD
Chair, Executive Development Series Sub-committee
Executive Director and Professor
Nursing and Health Sciences
Elmhurst University 


Shirleatha Lee, PhD
Chair, Transform 2020 Sub-committee
Dean and Professor
Mary Black Endowed Chair for Nursing
University of South Carolina Upstate


Robyn Nelson, PhD
Chair, Faculty Development Series Sub-committee
College of Nursing
West Coast University 


Linda S. Thompson, DrPH
Chair, Doctoral Education Conference Sub-Committee
Dean and Professor
College of Nursing and Health Sciences
University of Massachusetts Boston 


Victoria Niederhauser, DrPH, Board Liaison
Dean and Professor
College of Nursing
University of Tennessee Knoxville

    Cynthia Leaver, PhD
Staff Liaison
Director of Academic Nursing Development
American Association of Colleges of Nursing