Strategic Plan

FY 2023-2025 Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives

GOAL 1: AACN is the driving force for leadership, innovation, and excellence in academic nursing.

Objective 1: Lead innovations in academic nursing that facilitate competency-based education and improve health care.

Objective 2: Advance research and scholarship in nursing.

Objective 3: Develop leaders and inspire excellence at all levels in academic nursing.

GOAL 2: AACN is a leading partner in advancing improvements in health, health care, and higher education.

Objective 1: Accelerate the integration of academia and practice.

Objective 2: Work in partnership to improve health and health equity, strengthen the nursing workforce, and transform healthcare delivery.

Objective 3: Promote wellness within academic nursing.

GOAL 3: AACN is a resolute leader for diversity, equity, and inclusion within nursing.

Objective 1: Advance a culture that promotes and advances diversity, equity, and inclusion in academic nursing.

Objective 2: Promote policies, practices, and partnerships that advance health equity and just care.

Objective 3: Advocate for and advance anti-racist policies and practices throughout academic nursing.

GOAL 4: AACN is the authoritative source of knowledge to advance academic nursing.

Objective 1: Serve as the leading information resource and thought leader on issues and trends impacting academic nursing.

Objective 2: Influence and impact the development of the preeminent future nursing workforce.

Objective 3: Generate and curate knowledge and timely information to inform decision-making in academic nursing.


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