Current Accreditation Reviews

Current Accreditation Reviews

As part of the CCNE accreditation review process, institutions host an onsite evaluation of the program under consideration.  Each fall and spring, the CCNE Board of Commissioners meets to make accreditation decisions.  At its fall meeting, the Board reviews programs that hosted a spring onsite evaluation, and at its spring meeting, the Board reviews programs that hosted a fall onsite evaluation.

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Third-Party Comments for Current Accreditation Reviews

The Commission provides the opportunity for program constituents to submit, in writing, comments concerning a program's qualifications for accreditation status. At least 2 months before the scheduled on-site evaluation, the program must notify its major constituents, including, at a minimum, educators/faculty teaching and students/residents enrolled in the program(s) under review, that an accreditation review is scheduled. The form of such notice is at the discretion of the program, but it should include the name of CCNE and instructions for submitting comments to CCNE.

CCNE also notifies its constituencies of upcoming accreditation reviews and invites third parties to submit comments to CCNE. Written third-party comments are accepted until 21 days before the scheduled visit.

Only signed comments are accepted by CCNE. CCNE shares third-party comments with members of the evaluation team prior to the visit, but at no time during the review process are these comments shared with the program.

If you would like to submit a third-party comment for a program currently under review, please submit to

Or, if you prefer, mail comments to:

Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
Attn: Third-Party Comments
655 K Street, NW, Suite 750
Washington, DC 20001