Certified CNL Day

Celebrate Certified CNL Day and Share How CNLs are Transforming Healthcare!

Join the Commission on Nurse Certification (CNC) in celebrating Certified CNL Day on Thursday, March 19, 2020!

Certified CNL Day recognizes the impact of certified CNLs around the nation. It is a great opportunity for healthcare professionals to spread awareness of the significant impact certified CNLs have on the healthcare delivery system.

Employers: Recognize Certified CNLs on staff, including employees and co-workers who deliver improved patient care.

Certified CNLs: Celebrate your Certified CNL credential! Tell peers how being certified has helped you improve patient care.

Download the CNL Day tools below and start planning your Certified CNL Day celebration.

Enter CNC’s “I Have the CNL POWER!” Contest

Tell the world how your CNL skill set has equipped you with the POWER to improve patient care at your facility.  Here is your opportunity to share details of how you and/or your fellow CNLs are having a positive impact the health care delivery system.

Don’t Miss these Exciting Activities

Join CNC along with CNLs around the nation, and the globe, as we Share the CNL Experience.  In doing so, CNC will host the following online events, and connect with you on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn throughout the day.

Mark Your Calendar!

Spread Awareness!

Let everyone know how your healthcare team plans to recognize and celebrate CNLs at your facility. Start planning your CNL recognition program, send a press release to your local media and share how certified CNLs help your facility deliver quality patient care.

Download tools to plan your Certified CNL Day celebration!

Tout Your CNL Credential

Show the world that you are a certified CNL and/or support the CNL program. Purchase CNL branded products online and proudly wear your gear on CNL Day!

Organize Activities at Your Healthcare Facility

Certified CNLs
Non-Certified Nurses
  • Acknowledge certified CNLs for validating their competency in providing safe and quality care
  • Gain an understanding of the value of CNL certification

Get Social!

Join CNC on March 19, 2020 on Facebook to engage in online discussions.


Share how you are celebrating Certified CNL Day on Twitter by posting photos, tag your friends, colleagues, and tell us what it means to be a certified CNL or to have a certified CNL on staff. (use #CertCNLDay).