Items Writer Committee Volunteers

The Commission on Nurse Certification (CNC) is recruiting volunteers to serve as item writers. As an item writer, you will develop multiple choice items for the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Certification Examination.

Available Positions
  • Thirteen Item Writer positions are available

  • All positions require a three-year term beginning July 1, 2020 and ending June 30, 2023. Individuals may be reappointed.

    All applications will be reviewed by the CNC Board of Commissioners; approval by the CNC Board of Commissioners is required to serve as an item writer. Individuals from the practice setting and education setting are encouraged to apply; you must be a CNL to be considered.


    All item writers will be trained to write items and collaborate with the contracted testing agency for the certification exam. Item writers must adhere to the guidelines provided by the testing agency, make every effort to meet all deadlines, update existing items as assigned, and participate in scheduled teleconference and online meetings. NOTE: Item writers may be asked to serve on an exam committee for final review of the items or to determine the cut score.

    Serving as an item writer provides you with excellent networking opportunities – you will meet with colleagues from the practice setting and education setting. In addition, CNLs who serve as active item writers will receive a 10-point reduction of the contact hour requirement for renewal - 40 contact hours instead of 50 contact hours for the renewal cycle.

    Application Checklist

    To apply, please submit:

    • Application Form
    • Letter Explaining Your Interest in Serving as an Item Writer including Career Summary of Qualifications (500 words maximum)
    • Current Curriculum Vita/Resume
    Applications must be received at the CNC by March 9, 2020

    Submit the application to CNC Staff at

    Applicants will be notified by May 15, 2020 of the CNCBOC action regarding appointments.

    For more information about the CNC, go to