Self-Assessment Exam

The Self-Assessment Exam (SAE) is a 40-question, online diagnostic tool that parallels the content and level of difficulty of the CNL Certification Exam. The SAE is designed for students, program directors, CNL candidates, and CNL certificants.

Program Director Guidelines

CNL Self-Assessment Exam User Manual

The User Manual has been developed to assist with SAE registration. Please contact ISO Quality Testing, Inc. at 866-773-1114 with any questions.


After you have ordered the SAE, you will receive a confirmation with login information and instructions within one hour. Cost: $50 per order.

SAE Evaluation

Please complete the evaluation following completion of the SAE.

“The CNL Certification Program is governed by the Commission on Nurse Certification (CNC), the autonomous certifying arm of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. The CNC Board of Commissioners and CNC staff are not involved in the development of any preparatory resource, and no preparatory resource is endorsed by the CNC nor is a prerequisite to earn the CNL certification. The CNC and its staff is solely responsible for the policies and administration of the CNL Certification Program. Learn more about CNL certification.”