Diversity & Inclusion Workshops

AACN is excited to announce new diversity & inclusion program offerings. See descriptions outlined below. To schedule a workshop at your School of Nursing or for additional questions, please contact Christine Downing, Program Manager of Diversity and Inclusion at cdowning@aacnnursing.org.

Holistic Admissions Review in Academic Nursing

This seven-hour workshop describes the holistic review admission process, its use in health professions education, and its positive outcomes, including supporting evidence.  Participants will discuss the importance of a diverse and culturally competent nursing workforce, and the benefits of diversity to the school, the profession, and the community/society.  This workshop is designed to guide the development of a strategic approach that will advance implementation of a more holistic approach to enhancing diversity in the nursing student population by adopting more effective school of nursing admission practices.

The workshop concludes with the development of an action plan with goals to initiate stakeholder engagement on campus and to set the stage for meaningful change at the school/college. Participants will identify organizational assets that can be used to mitigate potential challenges when implementing holistic review.

Holistic Admissions Review in Academic Nursing 2.0

This seven-hour workshop builds on previous knowledge gained in the introductory workshop and would also be of great interest to schools  that have initiated a holistic admissions review process and are encountering challenges with advancing implementation. This workshop will highlight strategic approaches that will advance implementation of a more holistic admissions process and address challenges that the school has experienced. An in-depth assessment will occur prior to the workshop to support the customization of materials and approaches to maximize application of the principles of holistic admissions review.

Advancing Cultural Humility in Nursing Education

This one-day on-site learning experience is designed for nursing school faculty across institution types. Participants will gain an increased personal awareness about the intersections of self and group identities and how group cultural differences and similarities impact student experiences in the learning environment. Participants will apply new strategies for recognizing implicit bias in the classroom and clinical settings; practice more conscious awareness individually and organizationally; and gain skills in how to advocate for underrepresented student populations.  This workshop will guide participants in a discussion of culturally responsible pedagogy as one strategy for advancing a more culturally diverse workforce.

Understanding and Overcoming Unconscious Bias

This four-to-six hour workshop presents the science and research of unconscious bias. Workshop participants will identify how bias and the inner workings of the unconscious mind can impact critical healthcare decisions and results. Attendees will Increase awareness of how their own background impacts their perceptions and how to enhance their ability to advocate for inclusion in your organization.  Participants will learn new strategies that may be applied for practicing more conscious awareness individually and organizationally.



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