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10 Years of Race/Ethnicity Data Available Online - Updated on July 29, 2020
Race/ethnicity data from AACN's 2019 annual survey on enrollment and graduation in baccalaureate and graduate degree programs in nursing is now available.

New Careers in Nursing Nationwide 2007-2017 Database
The New Careers in Nursing Nationwide, 2007-2017 database was designed to evaluate the New Careers in Nursing (NCIN) program. NCIN aimed to provide a streamlined pathway for those individuals who held a bachelor degree but no healthcare experience, to diversify the nursing workforce by identifying underrepresented minorities who were interested in the nursing profession, and to provide individuals with leadership and mentoring opportunities and allow them to cultivate skills as future nursing educators. The NCIN program ran from 2008 through 2015 and awarded 3517 scholarships to 130 schools/programs of nursing. NCIN scholars received three surveys: at the start of their program, the midpoint and upon completing their program. The surveys asked about their curricular and co-curricular experiences, aspirations, program satisfaction, education debt, and future employment.  

These data was contributed to ICPSR to preserve and for making them available for use by others within the research community.

The official publication citation to be used for this data is:

     Vernell DeWitty and Christine Downing. New Careers
     in Nursing Nationwide, 2007-2017. ICPSR36758-v1. Ann
     Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political
     and Social Research [distributor], 2018-05-02.

Access data and documentation

New Careers in Nursing Institutional Data Set
This data set includes over 3,500 records of the scholar participants in the NCIN program. The file has been cleansed of personal information to maintain the privacy of the scholars. It includes key demographic information and responses to three program surveys given at the beginning, middle and six months following completion of the accelerated nursing program. The survey questions tracked responses to pre-entry program support, confidence in nursing skill acquisition, mentoring experiences, leadership and careers aspirations. It also includes experiences with the culture and climate of the nursing program, educational indebtedness, NCLEX passage and first position attained after program completion. If you are interested in accessing this data please contact Christine Downing at

New Careers in Nursing Scholar Data Set
This data set is best suited for analysis of the individuals who participated and completed the NCIN sponsored programs. While institutions have been masked to protect individuals, the data can be aggregated to the regional level to give an approximation of the recruitment type of aspiring and successful applicants to nursing programs. It also can answer questions about program supports that enhance and promote accelerated degree completion. If you are interested in accessing this data please contact Christine Downing at

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