Featured Speakers

headshot of Dr. Damon WilliamsFrom Awareness, to Action, to Innovation: Navigating Today's Strategic DEI Context

Damon A. Williams, PhD
Chief Catalyst, Center for Strategic Diversity Leadership & Social Innovation
Senior Scholar and Innovation Fellow, Wisconsin Equity and Inclusion Laboratory
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Damon A. Williams will overview today’s DEI environment in the United States and share tips for how leaders, allies, DEI officers, faculty, BIPOC professionals, community members, and others can navigate the strategic, organizational, and personal challenges of post-COVID dynamics and the current state of DEI.

Headshot of Terrie SterlingIs it a Moment or a Movement What’s Next? 

Terrie Sterling, MSN, MBA, RN
Interim Chief Executive Officer
University Medical Center New Orleans

The presentation will frame the current environment and highlight organizations that have joined the movement to transform diversity, equity and inclusion. Sterling will offer practical examples of strategies and metrics leading healthcare organizations are leveraging to advance this agenda. Nurse educators will be challenged to engage and embrace the role of the nurse citizen in practice and education. 

Headshots of panelists for National Commission on Racism PanelNational Commission on Racism in Nursing Panel

G. Rumay Alexander, EdD
ANA Scholar-in-Residence
National Commission Addressing Racism in Nursing

Kenya V. Beard, EdD
Associate Provost for Social Mission & Academic Excellence
Chamberlain University

Lydia H Albuquerque, DNP
William Paterson University

Sarah M. Killian, DNP
22nd National President
Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc.

Blake K. Smith, MSN
Board Presdient
American Association of Men in Nursing

For the past two years, AACN has been engaged in a national discussion with other members of the National Commission to Address Racism in nursing.  The Commission published its foundational report on racism in nursing in May, 2022 and the dialogue continues. The work for now and for the future is to own, amplify, understand, and change how racism negatively impacts colleagues, patients, families, communities, and the healthcare system. This panel will provide insights into this important work and opportunity for continued dialogue.