AACN's Inaugural Diversity Symposium

Individuals with an interest and focus on advancing diversity and creating more inclusive learning environments should attend this symposium.  Inclusive excellence embodies both quality and diversity. Emphasis is being placed on the need for assessing and carrying out a comprehensive process for preparing a more diverse nursing workforce to provide high-quality care, which is critical to addressing healthcare disparities and health inequities.

Nursing school faculty, deans, staff, and diversity officers will engage in thought-provoking, solutions-oriented conversations on:   

  • Actionable strategies for infusing diversity and inclusion into recruiting, admissions, and hiring; into the curriculum and co-curriculum; and into administrative structures and practices from Dr. Damon Williams, Chief Catalyst, Center for Strategic Diversity Leadership & Social Innovation
  • Why placing diversity at the core of institutional functioning leads to inclusive excellence
  • The educational benefits for students and institutions when diversity and inclusion are prioritized 
  • Intersectionality in gender identity, men in nursing, and unique challenges faced by marginalized groups—and how best to address these challenges in academic nursing
  • ...and much more!