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ELNEC’s primary aim is to educate nurses to improve end-of-life care. While initial efforts, launched in 2000, were focused in the United States, many ELNEC trainers have had opportunities to travel internationally and provide this education to nurses and other healthcare providers throughout the world. Currently, ELNEC trainers and faculty have traveled to six of the seven continents, representing 100 countries. Many trainers have provided ELNEC educational courses, while others have gone as consultants to work with educators, health administrators, and community leaders to improve care of the dying in their countries. It is estimated that over 27,500 nurses and other healthcare providers have received ELNEC training internationally. Some are working on translating ELNEC into other languages and adapting it to increase the relevance to other cultures. For example, ELNEC has already been translated into Russian where nursing administrators and faculty are using the curriculum in Eastern Europe. ELNEC is also translated in Spanish (Core and Pediatric Palliative Care versions) and is being widely disseminated in Mexico, Central America, and parts of South America. Lastly, ELNEC-Japanese, ELNEC-Korean, ELNEC-Chinese (ELNEC-Core and Pediatric Palliative Care), ELNEC-German, ELNEC-Romanian, and ELNEC-Albanian are available. 

Examples of world-wide ELNEC dissemination by trainers since 2010 are:

  • March 2010: ELNEC was presented in Argentina at a national palliative care conference.
  • July 2010: ELNEC-Geriatric was presented in Seoul, Korea with over 200 participants.
  • February 2011: ELNEC-International was presented at the Society of Oncology and Cancer Research of Nigeria (SOCRN) in Ibadan, Nigeria.
  • September 2011: St. Petersburg, Russia—two ELNEC courses presented
  • September 2011: ELNEC Trainer Angela Lee, Co-Founder of Hospice Without Borders, Rwanda. To learn more about the impressive work from Angela visit click here. Learn more about Hospice Without Borders.
  • October 2011: Budapest, Hungary—ELNEC-Pediatric Palliative Care course presented
  • October 2011: Bucharest, Romania—ELNEC course presented and participated in Sharing and Networking:  Enhancing Palliative Care Compliance to International Standards, an Eastern Europe Conference where nurses, physicians, social workers, and clergy attended from 19 various countries
  • October 2011: Cherkassy, Ukraine—ELNEC course presented
  • November 2011: Belize—ELNEC course presented and home/hospital/hospice visits made with various staff.
  • January 2012: Czech Republic—ELNEC course presented
  • February 2012: Mexico—Joint ELNEC and EPEC courses presented to 200 nurses and physicians
  • March 2012: Armenia—ELNEC course presented and home visits were made
  • June 2012: Malaysia—Two ELNEC courses presented to practicing nurses and those teaching in Schools of Nursing
  • July 2012: Brasov, Romania—Presented at Eastern European conference and assisted with developing palliative care competencies for nurses and doctors
  • September 2013: Albania—Presented an ELNEC train-the-trainer course for 38 nurses and physicians who came from 6 various regions around Albania. 
  • September 2013: First national ELNEC-German course held in Freiburg, Germany
  • November 2013: ELNEC presented at the 1st Asian Oncology Nursing Society (AONS) Meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand
  • June 2014: First ELNEC-Pediatric Palliative Care presented in Taiwan, with over 450 nurses in attendance. The course was translated into Taiwanese.
  • June 2014: First national ELNEC-International course held in Ankara, Turkey, representing 15 provinces.  Ninety-eight various healthcare professionals attended this 5-day course. 
  • September 2014: Presented ELNEC at the 18th International Conference on Cancer Nursing (ICCN).  Fifty-three nurses participated in this ELNEC training course, representing 14 countries world-wide.
  • September 2014: First ELNEC-Critical Care course presented in Japan (Kyoto).  This curriculum is now available in Japanese.
  • April 2015: First ELNEC-China course presented at the Beijing Cancer Hospital with 56 participants, representing 17 various provinces throughout China.  Eight nurses from Beijing Cancer Hospital translated ELNEC-Core from English to Chinese. 
  • May 2015: Twenty-six nurses, physical therapists, physicians, pharmacists, and patient care assistants attended an ELNEC-Kenya train-the-trainer course in Kip Karen, Kenya. 
  • September 2015: Thirty nurses and physicians attended an ELNEC-International course in Korca, Albania.
  • September 2015: 28 physicians, 5 nurses, and 1 social worker from Albania, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine attended a 5-day ELNEC train-the-trainer course in Salzburg, Austria.
  • May 2016: Seven nurses, 2 physicians, 2 social workers, and 1 hospice/palliative care administrator attended a 3-day palliative care leadership conference in Kip Karen, Kenya.  In addition, 88 nurses and physicians attended a 4-hour presentation on pain and symptom assessment/management at the MOI Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) in Eldoret, Kenya.
  • September 2016: First Asian palliative nursing leadership course led by ELNEC was held in Hong Kong, China. Twenty nursing leaders from China, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore attended this course, in an effort to promote palliative care.
  • August, 2017: First ELNEC-Pediatric Palliative Care course taught in Japan (Kyoto).
  • August, 2017: First ELNEC course presented in Nepal (Katmandu)
  • August, 2017: First ELNEC-Critical Care course presented in Korea (Seoul)
  • September, 2017: First ELNEC-Pediatric Palliative Care course taught in China (Shanghai)
  • July 2018: ELNEC presented at Sigma Theta Tau International Conference, Melbourne, Australia
  • September 2018: ELNEC presented at the International Conference on Cancer Nursing (ICCN), Auckland, New Zealand
  • March 2019:  ELNEC-Core course presented to 37 nurses, physicians, counselors, and chaplains who are opening a new palliative care center in Eldoret, Kenya.
  • April 2019:  ELNEC-Core and Leadership modules presented to Eastern European nurses, physicians, nursing faculty, and child life specialists in Salzburg, Austria.     

See more information on ELNEC trainers’ efforts to disseminate ELNEC internationally and for a listing of efforts by country.