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DNP Tool Kit

Template for the Process of Developing a DNP Program

The DNP Tool Kit is a work in progress. New materials will be added as new documents and information become available.

Your feedback on the usefulness of the tool kit as well as your suggestions for other assistive information is welcomed. The purpose of this tool kit is to provide resources for institutions planning a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program. Elements of the tool kit include: 1) Template for Negotiating the Process in the Academic Setting; 2) Needs Survey for the DNP; 3) Exemplars of Collaboration Between Academic Institutions; 4) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs); 5) Contrast Grid of the Key Differences between DNP and PhD/DNSc/DNS; 6) Bibliography; and 7) Power Point Presentation: "The Doctor of Nursing Practice: Visionary Leadership for the Practice of Nursing, Evolution, and Current Status of the National Movement."

Sections one and two feature samples of how several institutions successfully approached the process of planning a DNP program. Each institution will have to customize this process based on institutional and state guidelines for developing a new program. Leaders in institutions can use section seven to educate stakeholders when initiating DNP programs. The power point presentation can be adapted for various audiences; an institution may insert its logo in the presentation. None of the materials are mandated; rather these materials may assist with planning and implementing a DNP program.

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