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End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) project is a national and international education initiative to improve palliative care. Learn more. This corner supports faculty in schools of nursing.

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Welcome Faculty!

We are excited to announce that this year, Dr. Megan Lippe, Associate Professor, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio,, has joined Dr. Andra Davis, Associate Professor, University of Portland,, and the ELNEC team in our efforts to advance palliative care education. 

Through a three-year continuation grant awarded from Cambia Health Foundation to ELNEC, focused on advancing its work in strengthening the workforce in the care of patients and families with serious illness, with a particular focus on nursing schools in Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Part of the funding will focus efforts for the states to envision and create a regional model of excellence in palliative care education. These efforts began in Fall, 2021 and thus far participating schools have started sharing ways each has integrated the curricula in their programs, ideas for next steps towards creating a center of excellence in the region and conducting cross-program research focused on best practices for palliative care education. If you are in this 4-state region, please contact us at

Fall 2021 ushered in a new series of monthly webinars and other resources for faculty which are housed on the ELNEC Faculty Corner – a central location for teaching and evaluation resources.  We will be rolling out our webinar series this Fall, focusing on developing faculty skills in teaching palliative care to students. Highlights of what you will find on the website:

  • Undergraduate/New Graduate and Graduate ELNEC Curricula:  You can learn more about two evidence-based online educational resources designed to be incorporated into undergraduate and graduate education by clicking on the “ELNEC Materials” tab in the Faculty Corner. Here you will see that you and your colleagues may have free access to review the curriculum, should be interested in using these materials. If you are not familiar with the ELNEC curriculum, we encourage you to review and consider integrating these resources in existing courses. To date, 917 undergraduate schools and 348 graduate schools have enrolled their students. Contact for access.
  • Faculty Spotlights: Faculty across the country share a highlight of their exemplary work in palliative care education to support colleagues, network, and advance palliative care education.
  • Teaching and Evaluation Resources: Teaching and learning resources shared by colleagues, including case studies and simulation exemplars.
  • New Publications:  Revised CARES and G-CARES competencies (2nd ed.) and how these align with the new Essentials

The ELNEC Faculty Corner is ever-changing with updates and additional resources being added regularly. We INVITE YOU to contribute to the database by sending us exemplary teaching tools, case studies, simulations, or other ways that you are innovating in palliative care education. Your resources posted on the ELNEC Faculty Corner are considered scholarship of teaching. Contact to share any of your creative work!

In Partnership!

Headshot of Andrea Davis   headshot of megan lippe

Andra Davis, PhD, MN, RN
Associate Professor and ELNEC Co-Investigator
University of Portland


Megan Lippe, PhD, MSN, RN
Associate Professor
ELNEC Co-Investigator
UT Health San Antonio

New Publications & Resources

Posted February 2023

Upcoming Webinars

March 2023: ELNEC Undergraduate/New Graduate Module 2 - Communication

March 27, 8:30-9:30 PST
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Recorded Webinars

Past Faculty Spotlight Interviews

Access ELNEC Undergraduate/New Graduate and ELNEC Graduate

Should you or your colleagues need free access to either ELNEC Undergraduate/New Graduate and/or ELNEC Graduate curricula, please email and we can request access. Please mention which curricula you would like access to.

Free Faculty Access

Important: students will need to use their school email address (for faculty tracking/reports).
Remember the curriculum will be available only for 12 months, so please be aware when planning courses.

There are 3 options for getting students set up:

  1. Schools can ask students to purchase the curriculum, much like they would a text book, at $29.
  2. Relias can set up your institution’s bookstore with the curriculum so students can use their financial aid to purchase the curriculum. The good thing is that it’s easy/self-service for the students once they sign up.
  3. If your school wants to purchase the curriculum on behalf of the students, we offer a volume discount for students (see below).
Bulk Discounting Schedule for Schools Purchasing for Student Groups
Group Size Discount Rate Low Limit High Limit
1-24 students 5% discount $29.00 $661.20
25-29 students 7.5 % discount $670.63 $1,314.43
50-79 students 10% discount $1,305 $1,931.40
75-99 students 12.5% discount $1,903.13 $2,515.13
100-149 students 15% discount $2,465 $3,672.85
150+ students 20% discount $3,480 n/a


Need ELNEC Undergraduate/New Graduate or ELNEC Graduate added to your Institution’s Bookstore?
We got you covered. Relias can set up your institution’s bookstore with the curriculum so students can use their financial aid to purchase the curriculum. The good thing is that it’s easy/self-service for the students once they sign up. Just reach out to us and we can connect you with Relias.

Hall of Fame

Thank you to all of the champion institutions that are utilizing our curricula! We appreciate your leadership in this field. If your school is not listed, please contact, add your institution name and number of students enrolled since 2019.

ELNEC Undergraduate/New Graduate Hall of Fame
(institutions that have 10 or more students enrolled)

ELNEC Graduate Hall of Fame
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Faculty Teaching & Evaluation Tools

When you receive access to the ELNEC Undergraduate/New Graduate or ELNEC Graduate curricula, you will also receive supplemental faculty materials. If you didn’t receive these items, please contact to request.

Below are items to share with your students, should they need.

For Students, how to purchase the ELNEC Curricula

System Requirements for Learner

Fostering Student Well-Being In and Through Palliative Care Education 
Simulation Exemplars 
Teaching Exemplars 
Check out this newer podcast series from Health Affairs, called “No One Gets Out Of Here Alive.” In this series, Clemson University's Tracy Fasolino unpacks some of the legislative and policy issues associated with palliative care and hospice services through the lens of a nurse.

"Podcast: No One Gets Out Of Here Alive: Palliative and Hospice Care", Health Affairs Podcast, February 8, 2023. doi: 10.1377/hp20230125.815257.


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(International Papers)

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