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AACN Announces Inaugural Digital Academy through Collaboration with Apple Education

Published April 08, 2021

2021 Digital Academy: Building the Essentials Tool Kit Through Digital Innovation

AACN Announces Inaugural Digital Academy through Collaboration with Apple Education

AACN is pleased to announce the inaugural Digital Academy: Building the Essentials Tool Kit with Digital Innovation, which will be held as a pre-conference to AACN's Transform 2021 on November 29-December 1 in Dallas, TX. This event will bring together 30 innovative nursing faculty to develop digital projects around the 10 domains outlined in the new AACN Essentials. The Academy will provide nurse educators with training and tools to sharpen their skills as digital content creators and a unique experience to network with colleagues from schools nationwide.

Participation is limited to 30 individuals selected from AACN member institutions (limited to one person per school). The Digital Academy is free, but participants are responsible for the cost of travel, meals, and lodging. 

Who Should Apply:
  • Faculty/Administrators/Staff from an AACN member institution
    Note: Faculty who have attended a previous digital innovation bootcamps are not eligible to apply. 
  • Willing to breaking the mold and learn new ways to innovate digital content
  • Familiar with AACN’s Essentials Document, Domains, and Concepts
Academy and Faculty Outcomes:

Faculty selected to attend the academy will develop a digital project that aligns with one of the 10 Domains delineated in the new Essentials, including integrative learning strategies/concepts, opportunities for program enhancement, and resources that will assist faculty in either entry-level or advanced-level professional nursing education.

Faculty must come prepared to adapt, change, and rethink their digital project using the tools and hands-on learning provided by Apple Distinguished Educators. After completion of the Academy, participants may submit their projects for inclusion in the Essentials tool kit and for consideration as a poster presentation or abstract at one of AACN's conferences in 2022.  

Time Commitment:
  • 3 virtual meetups with pre-work assignments - Week of August 30, October 6, and November 1
  • One 3-day in-person Digital Academy - November 29 - December 1
    (pre-conference to AACN’s Transform 2021 in Dallas, TX)
  • Weekly online conversation/discussion within a dedicated AACN Connect Online Community for sharing progress and resources
Suggested Resources for Preparing Your Application:

Online Application

The application deadline is June 15, 2021.  Applicants will be notified of acceptance by August 3.


If you have any questions,  contact Amy McElroy, AACN's Director of Communications and Content Curation, at

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