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The Centralized Application Service for Nursing

Your school conducts important work to shape the future of nursing by selecting the best candidates to enroll in your program, let NursingCAS be a vital asset to help manage your selection process.

NursingCAS, the centralized application service for nursing, is a free, AACN member benefit and all schools are encouraged to participate in the service. Through NursingCAS, students can research and apply to nursing programs at participating schools nationwide at the doctoral, master’s, bachelor’s, and associate degree level.

NursingCAS provides valuable information to prospective nursing students about participating programs admissions requirements, notifications about programs with available space and upcoming recruitment events at participating schools. Most importantly, NursingCAS enables prospective students to easily apply to nursing program(s) of interest for a nominal fee with one, online application and one set of transcript(s). 

New schools can be added to NursingCAS at any time. Schools interested in joining the service should contact NursingCAS, at 202-463-6930 ext. 219 or If you are ready to join, fill out the Participation Agreement form below to get started.


Participation in NursingCAS is free and voluntary to accredited schools of nursing. Read the terms of the NursingCAS Participation Agreement. New schools are onboarded to NursingCAS monthly. And below is a summary of next steps. The designated primary contact at your school will be responsible for setting up your school’s program listing on the application. And you will be able to customize program-specific admissions requirements (transcripts, coursework entry, custom questions, essay, references and document needs) and branding for your nursing program’s listing on the application.

  • Submit the NursingCAS Participation Agreement 

  • Complete two web-based trainings on NursingCAS/WebAdMIT 

  • Complete Program Set-up on NursingCAS

  • Update your Website to include information about NursingCAS

  • Open Programs on the NursingCAS application

NursingCAS staff will work with you to ensure the smooth implementation of the application service at your institution, provide recommendations, best practices, support, and training. NursingCAS is customizable and can meet the unique needs of any program’s admissions requirements. Furthermore, it can integrate with existing processes and technology systems you may already have in place and you can use it as you see fit; including for select program types and tracks.

Use the button below to Join NursingCAS. Or complete the PDF version and submit via email to


Schools that participate in NursingCAS experience increased program exposure to a larger pool of applicants and receive online tools and support services to help manage the administrative tasks faced by admissions and nursing staff. NursingCAS can also lead to cost savings, use this interactive calculator to find out how. Schools access applications, data, and supporting materials submitted via NursingCAS through secure web-based admissions software, called WebAdMIT.

WebAdMIT includes tools for scorinng candiates based on custom criteria, tracking interviews, conducting an online review of applicants, calculating GPAs, sending and tracking communications, creating queries and custom reports, and exporting data to import into internal systems. Participating schools also have access to unique comparative reports that show how your school's applicant pool compares to the overall applicant pool which can assist with benchmarking and informing recruitment strategies. Additionally, the system helps schools to facilitate a holistic admissions review.

NursingCAS streamlines the application process for applicants and helps prospective nursing students discover, apply, and enroll in participating programs. It’s a resource to help students become a nurse or advance their career in nursing through education. Read more about how students benefit from the service.


NursingCAS is operated by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) in partnership with Liaison International, the nation’s leading provider of centralized application services (CAS) to health professions associations. Liaison currently works with many other disciplines, including dentistry, pharmacy, physician assistants, and public health.


NursingCAS was developed to maximize capacity in schools of nursing and fill all available seats. Even though enrollment and applications to schools of nursing have increased significantly, many schools have room to accommodate additional students each year. In the 2017-2018 academic year, over 69,000 qualified applications were turned away for baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs, even though almost 41,000 seats went unfilled. NursingCAS provides a much-needed mechanism to direct potential students to open seats at participating institutions. Learn more about how this is impacting your state.

NursingCAS is instrumental in providing accurate data to identify workforce trends and inform public policy decisions. The comprehensive data resulting from having a central entry point into nursing assists with developing workforce projections, identifying employment patterns, and tailoring recruitment strategies to reach under-represented populations in nursing. This service also provides health profession advisors with feedback on admissions trends and standards for the profession, in order to help steer qualified students into nursing programs.


NursingCAS launched in March 2010 with pre-licensure programs and expanded to graduate level programs in September 2010. The precursor to NursingCAS was a pilot, grant-funded project called WTNEPP by WTNEC (the West Texas Nursing Education Consortium). As a result of the initiative, all nursing applicant spaces where filled in WTNEC programs for the fall 2009 semester. Additionally, 24% of applicants using WTNEC were duplicate applications. NursingCAS seeks to achieve similar results on a national scale once widespread adoption is achieved. 


NursingCAS has enormous potential to produce vital data that can positively impact the profession and influence policy. AACN’s goal is have 60% of its member nursing institutions participate in NursingCAS by 2020. So it is important that you join this initiative.

Nursing students deserve a robust, centralized application service (CAS) so they can easily research and apply to any program. Other health professions such as dentistry, medicine, physical therapy, PA, and pharmacy have a CAS system that all schools participate in, AACN wants the same for the nursing profession, and it will not be possible without your support and participation.

AACN would like to recognize the schools that currently participate in NursingCAS and thank them for contributing to this important nursing initiative and being a member of the NursingCAS community. 


Schools interested in joining the service should contact Stephanie Wurth, AACN's Director of Strategic Partnerships, at 202-463-6930 ext. 258 or

The NursingCAS 2018 – 2019 Application Cycle Now Open

Join 275 member schools and improve your admissions process by expanding your reach to a larger applicant pool. Last cycle alone, over 120,000 applications were initiated.

NursingCAS simplifies the admissions process by enabling applicants to submit a single online application to multiple programs while still allowing nursing schools to collect their custom criteria. Prospective students can easily search for programs of interest and learn about admission requirements.

Schools that participate in NursingCAS have access to tools for scoring candidates based on custom criteria, tracking interviews, conducting an online review of applicants. See "Benefits" section for more information. 

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