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Foundation for Academic Nursing

The AACN Foundation for Academic Nursing was launched in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary celebration of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.  Donations will support AACN’s role as the national voice of academic nursing and help to advance our work to establish quality standards for nursing education; assist schools in implementing those standards; influence the nursing profession to improve health care; and promote philanthropic support for professional nursing education, research, and practice.


COVID-19 Student Support Fund Donors

Janet Allan - $500
Bonnie and Mark Barnes - $500
Morton K. and Jane Blaustein Foundation - $25,000

Danny Cohen - $500

Darlene J. Curley - $25,000

L C Rosalie Guertin, Bravo - $500

Debra Heinrich - $500

Jonas Nursing and Veterans Healthcare - $10,000

Jamie Koonmen - $500

LiquidCompass - $1,000
Daniel Michalski - $500
Jeri A. Milstead - $500
Suzanne Miyamoto - $500
Bonnie A. Pilon - $1,000
Louise Purcell - $500
Barbara Trautman - $1,000
Deborah Trautman - $2,000
University of Memphis Foundation - $3,000
Joachim G. Voss - $500

Terri Weaver - $500

Faculty Scholars Grant Program Donors

AACN has issued a Call for Applications for the Faculty Scholars Grant Program. Two $25,000 research grants will be awarded in 2020 and two in 2021.  

150+ Schools of Nursing and Colleague Organizations$100,000 

View the Press Release | View Call for Application

Individual Donors

Mary Axsom - $150

Judy Beal - $1,061

Darlene J. Curley - $1,000

Jasmine Daniels - $50

Vernell DeWitty - $100

Faydra Drennan - $100

John Greco - $100

Philip A. Greiner - $500

Marcus Henderson - $100

JDJ Family Office Services - $100

Cynthia McCurren - $200

Jeanette McNeill - $100

Daniel Phipps - $25

George Reifenstein - $100

Nancy Ridenour - $1,000

Karen Robson - $50

Martha Scheckel - $50

Janelle Thomas - $25

Terri Weaver - $100

Make a Donation

Your support for the AACN's Foundation for Academic Nursing will having a lasting impact that will help usher in new innovations in nursing education and practice.

If you are interested in donating, please click DONATE NOW or email


Or send your donation by check to the following address:

Check Payable to: AACN Foundation for Academic Nursing

American Association of Colleges of Nursing
PO Box 418350
Boston, MA 02241-8350

Create an Endowment

AACN is committed to transforming health care through leadership, innovation, and diversity. Help us achieve that by supporting the Foundation through an endowment. If you or your organization is interested, contact AACN's Foundation Director Katie Fioravanti at