AACN Corporate Partners

AACN actively seeks opportunities to partner with businesses and organizations looking to connect with top decision-makers, faculty, and students within the nation's academic nursing community. Resulting partnerships must be consistent with AACN’s core values, mission, and strategic plan and result in a significant benefit to AACN member schools.


Launched in 2016, AACN-TV is an online portal for showcasing innovations in academic nursing. This platform was created through a partnership between AACN and New Media News TV. Videos produced through this partnership may be used to help recruit new students and faculty, highlight nurse-led research efforts, profile faculty members and/or students, spotlight community-based health services, showcase curricular innovations, illustrate pathways into nursing, and in many other ways. To date more than 60 videos have been produced through this partnership, which has been expanded to our practice partners and members of the American Organization for Nursing Leadership.

Nursing schools and practice sites interested in finding out more about AACN-TV, are encouraged to contact site producer Danny Cohen with New Media News TV. 

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Hurst Review Services logoHurst Review

Hurst Review, providing an NCLEX® review course that has helped hundreds of thousands of nursing students achieve first-attempt success, offers this scholarship program that recognizes and rewards entry-level nursing students for outstanding academic performance. All applicants must already be enrolled in an AACN member institution and maintain at least a 3.2 grade point average in their current program or last school attended. One scholarship in the amount of $2,500 will be distributed twice every year. The application deadlines are August 1, January 1.

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Scrubin Uniforms LogoScrubin Uniforms

In January 2020, AACN announced new partnership with Scrubin Uniforms that provides nursing schools, faculty, staff, and students with easy access to high quality scrubs and uniforms at a highly discounted rate. Through this collaboration, Scrubin Uniforms creates customized web portals for participating schools that allow students and staff to easily order the apparel needed to practice at various clinical training sites. This apparel, which will be selected by individual schools, can be branded with each school’s logo to help students and staff present a professional image to patients receiving care. Participating schools will receive, at minimum, a 15% discount off the lowest advertised price for scrubs and uniforms.

Special Offer to Member Schools -  Free Shipping and Discount on Uniforms and Face Masks

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Skyfactor LogoSkyfactor Benchworks

Skyfactor Benchworks, a Macmillian Learning Company, provides research-based program benchmarking and assessments to help schools of nursing identify areas of improvement. AACN has formed a partnership with Skyfactor Benchworks to offer a wide range of assessment tools that provide comprehensive, confidential, comparative data with peer schools, which are based on the AACN Essentials and the National Task Force Criteria for NP programs. By being able to put your constituent's perceptions in a comparative context, we believe members will be able to more effectively focus faculty and administrative attention on needed areas of improvement. Current assessments focus on exit, alumni, and employer surveys for baccalaureate, master's, and DNP programs. 

To find out how these assessments can meeting your quality improvement needs, please contact a Skyfactor Assessment Specialist at 417-429-0081 or via email: benchworks@macmillan.com.

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Vizient LogoVizient

The Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program was launched in 2002 as one of the first of its kind and has served more than 93,000 nurse residents to date. This program is a data-driven solution that allows participating organizations to focus on retaining new nurses by offering a widely accepted curriculum, the ability to benchmark their performance against that of select peers, and opportunities to network with others in the Nurse Residency Program. Trusted by more than 500 hospitals and health systems nationwide, this program is designed to help transition new entry-level nurses into their clinical roles while decreasing nurse turnover rate, improve decision-making skills, enhance clinical nursing leadership practice, and promote the incorporation of research-based evidence into practice.

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