Gallery of Leadership

To recognize academic nursing's contribution to addressing COVID-19 and help strengthen diversity in the nursing community, AACN has created this gallery to spotlight insights and inspirations from member deans whose faculty and students are leading efforts to confront the pandemic in their communities.

New Call for Video Submissions on Diversity

AACN invites  members deans/directors  to share their thoughts on how the nursing community can help end racism and foster equitable change. Submit a video to this new section of our online Gallery of Leadership by completing this online form. Videos are due for submission by Sunday, November 15.

If you would like to be featured, we would simply need a brief video (1-2 minutes) in which you answer one of the two questions below (you select which you'd like to answer!) 

  • What can academic nursing do to put an end to systemic racism?
  • What can nurse educators do to foster equitable change?
  • How do we prepare the nursing workforce to recognize and take action to address health disparities and inequities?
  • You can also choose to share how your school is working to create an inclusive learning environment. 
Voices of Academic Nursing Leadership

Dr. Lin Zhan

Dean, University of Memphis 

Memphis, TN

Dr. Diane Santa Maria

with Professor Elda Ramirez from UTHealth at Houston 

Dr. Angela Amar

Dean, University of Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Jennifer Billingsley

Dean, United States University
San Diego, CA