Mailing List Rental

Note: AACN offered an electronic list rental distribution option during the COVID-19 pandemic in response to member needs during this challenging time. The electronic distribution option will be discontinued as of August 31, 2021, and we will continue to rent mailing labels per our usual process. Final electronic list rental orders must be placed no later than 5:00 PM on Tuesday, August 31.

Steps to Order a Mail/Email List

  1. To place an order, you must login and visit the AACN's online store. When you order you will be able to choose between the digital email list and the printed list of mailing labels.
    1. Phone orders are not accepted. ALL sales are final; NO returns are permitted
  2. You must send a sample of the material you wish to distribute to after placing your order on the website.
    1. Included with your sample, please specify if you ordered a printed list of mailing labels or a digital list of email contacts. Please include your invoice number with your sample.  AACN reserves the right to refuse any order. Please note: both of these lists are for one-time use, meaning you will receive one set of mailing labels, or AACN will distribute your publication/announcement to our contact lists on your behalf.
    2. If you purchased the digital list, you will be given a form to give more details about what you are intending to mail. This includes any designed elements, attachments, copy, etc. This information will be reviewed by AACN's Associate Director of Marketing, and she will be in touch confirming your message. 
    3. Please allow approximately seven to fourteen working days for delivery if mailing labels are ordered, and approximately seven to fourteen days for email collateral to be sent after samples are approved.

AACN makes two mailing lists available in a one-up, pressure-sensitive label format for one-time use only. AACN does not offer lists electronically, (i.e. word or excel). Labels are sorted by zip code, unless you specify otherwise. Each label is addressed to the dean at the school of nursing.

List            Rates 
 AACN member schools (>800)   AACN Members - $50 
Nonprofit, kindred organizations -$200/$250 Digital
For-profit organizations $300/$350 Digital
 AACN member schools and nonmember schools (>1,000)   AACN Members - $100 
Nonprofit, kindred organizations - $250/$300 Digital

For-profit organizations - $350/$400 Digital


Use Policy

AACN's mailing labels are reserved for one-time use only. They may not be photocopied or otherwise duplicated, or entered into a temporary or permanent database (this includes re-typing names into the greeting of correspondence accompanying your mailing). By ordering mailing labels, you agree to adhere to this policy. Failure to comply with the terms of the agreement may result in legal action.


If you have any questions, please call (202) 463-6930 or email