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Types of Leadership Opportunities

AACN offers many opportunities for deans and faculty to be involved in the work of AACN including volunteer service on committees, task forces, program subcommittees, and other advisory groups. Additional opportunities are available through the Leadership Networks including service on Steering Committees and shorter volunteer opportunities as award and abstract reviewers. 

Engagement Opportunities at a Glance

Responsibilities and Time Commitment

Committees: Committees, including the Foundation for Academic Nursing Advisory Committee, Membership Committee, Government Affairs Committee, Program Committee and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, support the ongoing strategic work of the association. Appointments are made for up to two years, and committees generally meet during the Deans Annual Meeting and Academic Nursing Leadership Conference, and have regular virtual meetings.

Program Subcommittees: Program Subcommittees, such as the Doctoral Education Conference Subcommittee and Transform, are focused on one of AACN's specific conferences. Appointments are made for 1-2 years and the subcommittees have regular virtual meetings.

Task Forces: Task Forces may be established by the Board of Directors to focus on priority projects and initiatives. Appointments are time limited and the Task Forces will have regular virtual meeting.

Advisory Groups: Advisory Groups may also be established based on the priorities of AACN. Appointments are typically 1-2 years, and the groups meet virtually.

Board of Directors: The Board of Directors is the governing body for the Association. Members are elected through anannual election process, AACN’s 14-member Board includes 11 member dean representatives, two members from practice, and the AACN President/CEO. The Call for Nominations for the Board is issued each spring.

Nominating Committee: This elected committee assesses member interest in serving on the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee, and prepares the slate of candidates for the annual election. The Nominating Committee meets regularly via virtual meetings.


For more information on any of the opportunities described above, please contact Gene Throwe at (202) 463-6930, ext. 237 or

Volunteers at a glance 2020, 298 schools represented, 130 dean volunteers, 290 Faculty & staff volunteers, 149 graduate student volunteers

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