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LiquidCompass COVID-19 Job Marketplace

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To better meet the needs of nurses and employers looking to help address today's healthcare crisis,  LiquidCompass has created a job marketplace that provides quick access to COVID-19 response job postings. Here new graduates and alumni can see COVID-19 related jobs locally and across the country. The list is dynamic and updated daily. Currently the highest demand is for RNs, although other employment opportunities as posted as well.

AACN established a partnership with LiquidCompass in March 2019 to provide a tool to our members that assist students entering the job market. Over 250 AACN member schools have created customized job sites at no charge to make it easy for students/alumni to understand the job market and search for jobs of interest both locally and nationwide. The data is clean, updated daily, and indexed for important job criteria, like employers that are hiring new grads!

For more information about LiquidCompass and to arrange a demonstration for your school of nursing, please contact Judy Holden, RN at