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  • AACN News Watch Weekly Edition

    Newsletter— July 06, 2022

    In the Journal of Nursing Care Quality, Dr. Emily Drake and colleagues from the University of Virginia posted an article titled Master's Prepared Clinical Nurse Leaders: 2 to 10 Years Post-Graduation. This study assesses the career trajectory of 109 CNL graduates and explores self-reported satisfaction with work, life, and educational preparation. The overwhelming majority of graduates were satisfied/extremely satisfied with their education, work full-time at the bedside, and reported a high level of life satisfaction. The authors conclude that more CNL-designated roles are needed to allow graduates to practice to their full potential.

  • AACN's Washington Weekly

    Advocacy, Policy— July 06, 2022

    Inside this edition of Washington Weekly: House Appropriations Committee Advanced Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Spending Bill; House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Focuses on Public Health Legislation; and HHS Announces $10 Million for Rural Communities in Response to Opioid Overdoses.

  • Data Spotlight: Trends in Nursing PhD Programs

    Research— July 06, 2022

    Generating strong interest in the PhD in nursing (and similar research-focused doctorates) is a priority for the profession. Although less than 1% of today’s nursing workforce has earned a PhD (NCSBN, 2021), these individuals are in high demand with the need for nurse scientists, faculty, and leaders on the rise.

  • AACN News Watch Weekly Edition

    News, Newsletter— June 29, 2022

    On June 1, 2022, the Journal of Nursing Education published an article from an international writing team led by Dr. Tongyao Wang from the University of Hong Kong titled Future Direction of Quality and Safety Competency-Based Education: Quality and Safety Education for Nurses Teaching Strategies.

  • AACN's Washington Weekly

    Advocacy, Policy— June 29, 2022

    Inside this edition of Washington Weekly: President Signed Bipartisan Gun Violence Prevention Bill into Law; Focus on Fiscal Year 2023: Nursing Education and Research Increases in House Draft Bill; and AACN Attends the National Academy of Medicine’s Event on Health Workforce Well-Being.

  • Rounds with Leadership: Moving Beyond the Pandemic

    Rounds with Leadership— June 29, 2022

    Responding to COVID-19 has had a transformative impact on what we teach, how we teach, and how we practice. Nursing programs moved quickly to adapt curriculum to ensure that graduating nurses at all levels are better prepared to respond to current and future public health emergencies.

  • AACN’s Response to the Supreme Court Ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

    Press Release— June 24, 2022

    In light of the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, AACN is deeply concerned about the impact this decision will have on the public’s health, health equity, and safe nursing practice.

  • AACN News Watch Weekly Edition

    News, Newsletter— June 22, 2022

    On June 15, 2022, Research!America, a leading health research advocacy alliance, released a new briefing paper titled Our Nation Cannot Afford Pandemic Fatigue: The Continued Threat of COVID-19 Variants.

  • AACN's Washington Weekly

    Advocacy, Policy— June 22, 2022

    Inside this edition of Washington Weekly: AACN Attends Bipartisan Policy Center Webinar on New Dialing Code 988; Senate HELP Committee Holds Hearing on Ongoing COVID-19 Efforts; and Nursing Voices Nursing Votes: Counting Down to the 2022 Midterm Elections.

  • AACN Issues New Report on Doctor of Nursing Practice Education

    Research, Announcement— June 21, 2022

    AACN is pleased to announce the release of a new study summary titled The State of Doctor of Nursing Practice Education in 2022. This report provides the latest national data on trends in Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs; insights from employers, graduates, and program administrators on the value and impact of DNP education; and recommendations for ongoing engagement with practice partners and certification organizations to support the DNP for entry into advanced practice nursing.