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AACN Support Position Statement on Substance Use

Published September 11, 2017

At its July 2017 meeting, the AACN Board of Directors endorsed the joint position statement issued by the Emergency Nurses Association and the International Nurses Society on Addictions on Substance Use Among Nurses and Nursing Students. The Board agreed that this statement is important to share with all stakeholders within academic nursing, including nursing school deans/directors, faculty, staff, and students. At the meeting, the Board also agreed to establish a definition of “endorsement” that reads as follows:  

AACN may endorse statements/ documents that have been developed by other organizations for the purpose of expressing support for the intent of the statements/documents. Statements/documents that may be endorsed by AACN include but are not limited to those that align with the AACN mission, vision, or strategic plan  Endorsement by AACN in no way obligates AACN or its member organizations to use or mandate use of the statements/documents or to disseminate them to the public. 

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