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Louisiana Bill Threatens Certification

Published April 26, 2018

The Occupational Licensing Review Act (Louisiana House Bill 748) was introduced last month by Louisiana State Rep. Julie Emerson and passed the House by a vote of 87-7. The legislation appears to be on its way to passage in the Senate and is supported by Gov. John Bel Edwards (D). CNC will deliver a letter in opposition to HB 748 to Rep. Emerson this week. We urge CNLs who are concerned about this bill to contact their member of the state senate and voice their opposition to HB 748. The bill could become law by mid-May when the legislature is scheduled to adjourn. If passed, the risks to certification programs could eventually expand far beyond the state of Louisiana.

Things to note about Louisiana House Bill 748:

  • Includes language that prohibits certificants in Louisiana from using the term "certified" as a title, unless the certification is a requirement for licensure. 
  • Restricts the use of credentials as prerequisites for licensing for many professionals in the state of Louisiana.
  • The governor's office will review state licensing programs that require association certification every five years for possible sunsetting.
  • No licensure law could include a certification requirement unless the governor's office finds "empirically substantiated harms to consumers" if the certification is not required.

CNC and the CNC Board of Commissioners are advocates of professional certification for nurses and we will continue to make every effort to keep our certified CNLs informed on this legislation. 

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