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Louisiana Bill Amended and Passed by Senate

Published May 21, 2018

On May 16th the Louisiana Senate passed the revised version of the Occupational Licensing Review Act (Louisiana House Bill 748), which was amended to clearly allow the use of professional certification credentials in the state. The bill was introduced by Louisiana State Rep. Julie Emerson and was intended to increase employment opportunities by easing licensing requirements for certain jobs. CNC delivered a letter in opposition to HB 748 to Rep. Emerson in early May as did many other professional certification associations and certificants. Rep. Emerson spoke directly to CNC Director, Shantal Hall to inform CNC that it was not the intent of the bill to restrict professionals from using the term “certified” and that the bill will be amended as such after a huge response of opposition from professional certification associations nationwide. Thanks to the many certified CNLs and stakeholders who contacted Louisiana legislators about the bill which allowed for the change in the bill’s content.

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