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AACN Seeks Your Input on New Global Standards for Nursing Education

Published June 06, 2018

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called on the international community to transform, scale up, and strengthen the capacity and quality of nursing education in order to address a critical global need for well-qualified nurses (WHO, 2016).

In response to this urgent call for action, the Global Alliance for Leadership in Nursing Education and Science (GANES) is developing global standards for nursing education programs. The standards must reflect international best practices, must adapt to the sociocultural context, and must promote local relevance.

With AACN serving a a founding member, GANES constitutes the only international body providing strategic-level expertise in the education and professional development of nurses worldwide. Its membership comprises national associations of nursing deans and schools of nursing and is able to offer information, support, and advice to health care policy makers and nurse educators across the world.

On behalf of GANES, we would greatly appreciate if you would take the time to review the blueprint and offer your input on each of the standards by June 15, 2018.  You may participate by completing an online validation survey by using the following link:

Access the Survey

We appreciate your time and effort spent on completing this survey.

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