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AACN News Watch Weekly Edition

Published August 08, 2018

Weekly Digest

In the May/June 2018 issue of Nursing Outlook, Dr. Marion Broome from Duke University and Dr. Julie Fairman from the University of Pennsylvania published an editorial on “Changing the Conversation about Doctoral Education in Nursing.” The authors contend that academic nursing’s focus on the Doctor of Nursing Practice over the last decade has led to an imbalance in the number of nurses completing practice-focused versus research-focused doctorates. Having too few nurses prepared in PhD programs presents a challenge to generating new nursing science and sustaining a critical mass of nurse researchers. The article concludes with a call to focus on increasing the numbers of nurses who chose careers in nursing science.
In the July/August 2018 issue of the Journal of Professional Nursing, Veronica Rankin and her colleagues from the Carolinas Medical Center published a new article on “Clinical Nurse Leaders Forging the Path of Population Health.Master’s-level Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) programs prepare nurses to practice across the continuum of care and manage the health of like populations. The authors explore current practice and resulting outcomes at one medical center that employs the CNL and has allowed the role to focus on population health.

AACN Updates

AACN Launches the Nursing Voices, Nursing Votes Initiative
NHGRI Survey on Genetics and Genomics Education
50 AACN Schools of Nursing Awarded Funding to Host White Coat Ceremonies

The Social Pulse

AACN-TV Spotlight: University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Nursing
“We learn how to manage stress, how to talk and communicate with patients, and how to overcome obstacles,” said Ryan Goeptar, BSN Student at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) School of Nursing. Learn more about nursing programs at UNLV and explore AACN-TV to see the latest innovations underway at schools of nursing nationwide!

Dr. Jane Kirschling Featured in Campaign for Action Nursing Journeys Series 
AACN member dean and past Board Chair, Dr. Jane Kirschling, was recently profiled in a series featuring Campaign for Action Coalition leaders discussing their career trajectory and the lessons they've learned along the way. View the article to learn why she decided to become a nurse, her journey to becoming an RN, and more.

Baccalaureate Education ConferenceFaculty Vacancy Positions

Washington Weekly

Betty-Smith-Williams Inside this edition of Washington Weekly: AACN launches Nursing Voices, Nursing Votes, a nonpartisan initiative designed to amplify nursing's impact during election season; and AACN joined the amicus brief filed in support of student diversity.
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New Partnerships and Grant-Funded Initiatives 

  • The Capstone College of Nursing at The University of Alabama has received three major grants from HRSA that will provide support for graduate students. “Bama Tide to Success for MSN Students” is a four-year project totaling $2.4 million, with $600,000 to be received in the coming year. The college also received $526,001 from the Nurse Faculty Loan Program for 2018-2019. BAMA-Care, an Advanced Nursing Education Workforce (ANEW) grant, was funded for two years at over $1.3 million. Read more >>

  • The Washington State University College of Nursing (WSU) recently received a federal grant to encourage more graduate nursing students to pursue careers as college and university faculty. WSU was awarded $333,333 by HRSA under the Nurse Faculty Loan Program. Nursing students who are pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees can borrow up to $35,000 per year under the program. In return, the students agree to teach full-time for at least four years after they graduate. At the end of that time, 85 percent of the loan is forgiven. Information on the program is available on the HRSA website.

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