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AACN News Watch Weekly Edition

Published May 29, 2019

Rounds with Leadership: On the Front Line of the Opioid Crisis


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more Americans die each year from drug overdoses than in motor vehicle accidents, and the majority of those overdoses involve prescription medications. On closer inspection, the number of opioid-related deaths in the U.S. from both prescription and illegal drugs has quadrupled in the last 20 years. At present, 130 people die each day from opioid overdose.

As the largest segment of the healthcare workforce, nurses play a critical role in treating and counseling individuals suffering from drug addiction. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs), including Nurse Practitioners – the third largest opioid-prescribing group for individuals with Medicare Part D according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – are committed to adopting responsible prescribing practices using guidelines advanced by the CDC.


Weekly Digest

In the current issue of AACN's official journal, the Journal of Professional Nursing (May-June 2019), three articles explore the topic of mentoring from different perspectives. In their article Does Having Been Mentored Affect Subsequent Mentoring?, Drs. Angela Barron McBride, Jacquelyn Campbell, and Katie Deming discuss the merits of building a mentoring network and how being mentored empowers faculty to "pay it forward." Drs. Carol Shieh and Deborah L. Cullen from the Indiana University School of Nursing, in their article titled Mentoring Nurse Faculty: Outcomes of a Three-Year Clinical Track Faculty Initiative, look at scholarship development barriers for clinical track faculty and how a mentoring program can increase clinical track faculty's knowledge of promotion processes and scholarship productivity. Research Prescription for Undergraduate Students: Research Mentoring in a Small Liberal Arts University, authored by Texas Lutheran University Department of Nursing faculty members Drs. Amy Long, Whitney R. Bischoff, and Kathie Aduddell, explores how research faculty serve as mentors to other faculty and how faculty serve as mentors to students during the research process.

A reminder that AACN now offers MentorLINK, a structured, 8-month experience that brings seasoned deans together with deans looking for wisdom and support to overcome challenges and maximize impact. Visit AACN's website to find out more about this personalized service and how you can get involved. The application cycle for the first MentorLINK cohort closes on Friday, June 14.

AACN Celebrates 50 Years - A Look Back at 1996

At the Spring Annual Meeting, Executive Director Polly Bednash announces the debut of "an association World Wide Web site to provide members, prospective nursing students, and other members of the nursing education community access to AACN information and services via the Internet with the simple click of a mouse button."

See more historic photos on AACN's 50th Anniversary website

AACN Updates

Update from the Essentials Revision Task Force

Register for Next Week's IPEC Webinar

Take Advantage of Special Offers for AACN Conferences

Frank Baez was a teenager when he started working at New York University, cleaning patient rooms, bathrooms, and hallways. This year, he graduated with a nursing degree from the same institution. While working as a janitor, Baez was encouraged by the nurses he worked with to apply to NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing. See his inspiring story here.

Learn About the Importance of Holistic Admissions

Employing a holistic admission process ensures a diverse class of students with the background, qualities, and skills needed for success in the nursing profession. Hear Dr. Deborah Jones, Dean of University of Texas Medical Branch, explain the benefits of Holistic Admissions workshops, and the importance of "putting action behind the vision" when it comes to diversity among nursing students.

Washington Weekly

Inside this edition of Washington Weekly: In honor of our service members, urge Congress to cosponsor and pass the United States Cadet Nurse Corps Service Recognition Act.


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