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Considerations for Reopening U.S. Schools of Nursing During COVID-19

Published July 29, 2020

AACN has developed some new recommendations for our member schools to consider as they move ahead with plans to reopen their nursing programs in various locations across the country. With a focus on protecting students and faculty from contracting and spreading COVID-19, the recommendations relate to assessing risk, the protections needed to safely resuming campus activities, the continuity of education and research, clinical education and patient interactions, strengthening curriculum, and protecting students, faculty, and staff.

Internationally noted expert Dr. Tener Veenema Goodwin from Johns Hopkins University developed this new document for AACN to help guide decision-making at schools of nursing. Dr. Veenema Goodwin also will be participating in a four-part webinar series to present the content contained in the Considerations document and related issues of great interest to the academic nursing community.

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