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AACN’s Gallery of Leadership Call for Submissions: Addressing Racism and Inequality

Published September 30, 2020

We are excited to announce the launch of a new section of AACN's Gallery of Leadership that will focus solely on addressing Combating Racism and Fostering Inclusive Learning Environments. We invite deans to submit a video and share insights on ways that the nursing community can help end racism and foster equitable change.

To participate, submit a brief video (1-2 minutes) in which you answer one of the two questions below.

Select one of the two questions below to answer:

  • What can academic nursing do to put an end to systemic racism? What can nurse educators do to foster equitable change?
  • How do we prepare the nursing workforce to recognize and take action to address health disparities and inequities?

In addition to the question that you choose to answer, we invite you to also share how your school is working to create an inclusive learning environment.

If you have questions, please contact Jessica Washington at

Submit your video here.

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