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AACN News Watch Weekly Edition

Published February 24, 2021

Rounds with Leadership: Collaboration, Community Engagement, and a Cure 


From the earliest days of the pandemic, nurses have emerged as indispensable in the fight against COVID-19. As frontline care providers, community education leaders, public health innovators, researchers on the hunt for new evidence, and in countless other roles, nurses are always there advocating for individual patients and working to keep communities safe.

With great anticipation, this year holds promises for an end to the pandemic with the arrival of new vaccines and therapeutics to combat COVID-19. AACN is working directly with federal leaders to help quantify the impact of nursing faculty and students on vaccination efforts while making the case that strengthening these efforts is essential to meeting the Biden Administration’s goals for a stronger national strategy.

Launched on January 19, AACN has initiated a campaign to gather pledges from nursing schools to safely engage faculty and students in dispensing the COVID-19 vaccine. We encourage all member schools to sign on to this initiative and let us know what your school is doing to help expand vaccine delivery. More than 320 schools have pledged to support this effort and have shared exemplars of their work to administer the vaccine and stop the spread of the virus.  


Weekly Digest

In the latest issue of Creative Nursing (Volume 27, Issue 1), Dr. Vernell DeWitty, AACN’s Director of Diversity and Inclusion, and Dr. David Byrd published a new article titled Recruiting Underrepresented Students for Nursing Schools. The authors present strategies for diversifying the nursing student population, which include building strategic partnerships, employing technology solutions to enhance recruitment efforts, and launching a holistic admissions review process. Schools are advised that recruitment is only the first step, since student success hinges on having an inclusive learning environment that prepares new graduates to successfully transition to and thrive in the nursing workforce.

On February 21, reporter Julie Appleby with Kaiser Health News filed a new story with NBC News on Who Is Giving the COVID Vaccines? States Scramble to Find Vaccinators. The story addresses the work underway nationwide to expand the pool of providers able to administer the COVID-19 vaccine, including AACN’s work to mobilize and highlight the contributions of the academic nursing community. AACN President and CEO Dr. Deborah Trautman is featured in this piece along with a spotlight on the vaccination efforts being led by the University of Houston College of Nursing.

AACN Updates

Month-Long Virtual Student Policy Summit Begins March 1: Register Students Now!

AACN Expands Partnership with Scrubin Uniforms to Offer Discounted Uniforms and PPE to Nursing Schools and Support for Student Leaders

Explore Leadership Strategies and Solutions at the Deans Annual Meeting, March 21-23

Graphic - Join the Conversation on AACN Connect

                                    Graphic - Apply Now - AACN's Elevating Leaders in Academic Nursing Program

The Social Pulse

Changing the Stereotype: A Call for Greater Inclusion of Nursing Students with Disabilities

"Photo - Alyssa MacleodWhen life gets hard, you fight back harder. When I was born, my parents were told I would never walk, never talk and I would be in a wheelchair for life. Now I am a Level 3 UNLV nursing student trying to help others in similar roles have their voices heard. I’ve been called a hero, a role model—you name it, and I am none of those things. I am someone who just wants to make the world a little easier for the children of today."

-Alyssa Macleod, University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) School of Nursing Undergraduate Student

Read this inspiring story of resilience from UNLV's Rebel Nursing Notes.

Hidden Figures of Nursing: The Historical Contributions of Black Nurses and a Narrative for Those Who are Unnamed, Undocumented and Underrepresented

Photo - Mary Jane SeacoleThe authors of a new editorial in the Journal of Advanced Nursing discuss how Black nurses, those who are indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) have been marginalized throughout history and their contributions to the advancement of the nursing profession have been minimized and undocumented. Find out more about BIPOC nurse pioneers, trailblazers, and innovators, including Mary Jane Seacole, here.

Washington Weekly

Inside this edition of Washington Weekly: CDC Holds National Forum on COVID-19 Vaccine; Administration Purchases Additional COVID-19 Vaccine Doses; Congress Holds Hearings on Vaccine Distribution; House Committee Advanced Stimulus Package Setting-up Vote by Full Chamber.

Read AACN's Washington Weekly >>

Weekly Update for Coronavirus Resources for Nurse Educators

To support the information needs of nursing school deans, faculty, students, and other stakeholders, AACN has developed a resource center to highlight key information sources found on the Web regarding COVID-19. See below for the latest resources, webinars, and member school news.

Latest Resources

AACN’s COVID-19 Community Engagement
Member School Exemplars - Updated on February 24

Johns Hopkins University
Free Online Course in Administering COVID-19 Vaccination

Inside Higher Ed
Podcast Ep. 38: Combatting Cheating in the COVID Era

Upcoming Webinars

Science v. COVID-19: Promising COVID-19 Treatments Explained

February 25 at 1:00 pm (ET)

Preparing Nursing Students to Effectively Address Vaccine Hesitancy

March 17 at 2:00 pm (ET)

School News

University of Nevada, Las Vegas – February 3, 2021
Nursing Students Gain Clinical Experience Administering COVID-19 Vaccines at UNLV

University of Central Florida – February 16, 2021
UCF Nursing Students Join COVID-19 Vaccination Effort

Elms College – February 19, 2021
COVID Lends New Purpose to Massachusetts College Nursing Programs

Rutgers University – February 19, 2021
Faculty and Students Assist in Administering COVID-19 Vaccinations

Wayne State University  – February 23, 2021
Students, Faculty Instrumental in Detroit’s Vaccination Effort

West Virginia Wesleyan College – February 23, 2021
WVWC Students Getting a Dose of Real-life Experience


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