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AACN News Watch Weekly Edition

Published January 25, 2023

AACN Weekly News Watch
January 25, 2023
AACN Rounds with Leadership - Cynthia McCurren and Deborah TrautmanRounds with Leadership: 
Forging Ahead with Competency-Based Education
When the AACN membership endorsed the latest iteration of the Essentials in April 2021, we knew the transition to this new model and framework for nursing education would take time and ingenuity. AACN’s task force and Board leaders projected that it would likely take 3 or more years for schools to adapt their entry- and advanced-level nursing programs using a competency-based approach to education.
Now, 2 years into the transition process, it’s clear that schools have made great progress in evolving their programs to prepare more practice-ready nurses. Many schools have engaged faculty in determining how well their programs align with the new competency expectations and are identifying gaps. Others are developing creative ways to assess student competency using current and newly conceived strategies. The work to map curricula with the Domains, Competencies, and Sub-competencies outlined in the Essentials is well underway using a variety of tools posted on the AACN website. Faculty also are collaborating more closely with practice colleagues to rethink clinical learning experiences and jointly operationalize the Essentials.
To better assess efforts underway, AACN conducted a member survey last fall to collect baseline data on how implementation efforts are proceeding. A total of 328 member schools responded to the survey (38.1% response rate), including schools representing a range of institutional types (large and small, public and private, rural and urban, etc.). The survey found that 92% of deans and 82% of faculty support the implementation of the 2021 Essentials. Most AACN member schools strongly endorse the new approach to nursing education outlined in the Essentials with 85% of schools committed to transitioning to competency-based education.
Weekly Digest
On January 10, 2023, Maggie Maiyer with the Council on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools International (CGFNS) posted a new blog titled Emerging Trends in Global Nursing Education: The Shift Toward Baccalaureate Level Education. New findings from the CGFNS Nurse Migration Report 2022 point to an international shift toward baccalaureate nursing education as the preferred pathway into the nursing profession. The latest data show that the majority of nurses who migrated to the U.S. in 2022 were educated at the baccalaureate or higher level. This finding mirrors the U.S. nursing workforce where over 65% of domestic-educated nurses have been educated in baccalaureate and graduate degree programs.
On January 19, 2023, Marcia Frellick with Medscape Medical News published a story on how Government Funding Helps Train More Nurses Amid Faculty Shortage. To address gaps in the nursing workforce, several states, including Arizona, Florida, Indiana, and New Mexico have passed legislation to expand capacity in schools of nursing. The author examines the potential impact of this funding and uncovers related issues that must also be addressed, which includes increasing nurse and faculty salaries, improving workforce conditions, and protecting nurses from violence.

AACN Updates

The Essential Update: The Latest on AACN's New Essentials
Competency-Based Education and Graduate Nursing Students

On February 2, AACN’s Graduate Nursing Student Academy (GNSA) will host a webinar titled The AACN Essentials and the Graduate Student - What Does it Mean for Me? Dr. Brittany Hay from the University of South Florida will provide an overview on the purpose and intent of the 2021 Essentials and discuss how competency-based education will be used to prepare more practice-ready nurses. Graduate nursing students (and others) are invited to learn how this new approach to nursing education may impact their experiences in the classroom, at clinical sites, and in practice. The webinar is free and will convey one continuing nursing education contact hour.
AACN Gallery of Leadership: The Essentials
To recognize the exciting work underway to implement the 2021 Essentials, AACN launched a new video gallery spotlighting insights and exemplars from member schools whose faculty are leading the drive toward competency-based nursing education.
The University of Pittsburgh's Path to Competency-Based Education
“We’re using a team-based approach to meet the new standards. We have a task force that is overseeing the development of the components of the curriculum that will align us with the new Essentials. The task force is responsible for developing the program learning outcomes and overseeing the development of the other outcomes. Sub-groups within the faculty that are program-based (undergraduate, master's, DNP, and the sub-specialties within those areas) are working to develop program-specific outcomes that align with the overall program outcomes.”
-Dr. Jackie Dunbar-Jacob
Dean Emeritus, University of Pittsburgh
Visit the Gallery of Leadership to learn more about your colleagues’ work to implement the Essentials. To submit a video to be featured, please complete this form.

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The Social Pulse
The National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE) will host a virtual free seminar on the Supreme Court deliberation on considering race in college admissions and its potential impact on the healthcare workforce and health equity. Dr. Vernell DeWitty, AACN’s Senior Consultant for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, will be a featured panelist. Register and plan to attend on February 15 at 6:00 pm ET and learn about the challenges and opportunities presented to nursing education and workforce development.
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Johnson & Johnson has developed a video series aimed at driving increased interest in the nursing profession by elevating and sharing the stories of current, diverse nurses and nursing students. Explore their The Future of Nursing is Me Series to learn what drew different students to nursing and why nursing is a profession with possibilities for all.
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Washington Weekly
Inside this edition of Washington Weekly:
  • Mark Your Calendar: Nurse Corps Application Webinar Tomorrow
  • AACN’s Health Policy Advisory Council Publishes Article on National Nurse Identifiers
  • AACN Attends Briefing on Mental Health with a Focus on More Federal Involvement
  • AACN Attends Event on Social Determinants of Health
Washington Weekly


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