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Journal of Professional Nursing Review Former

TO:_________________________________________________ DATE:________________

MANUSCRIPT TITLE:________________________________________________________

MANUSCRIPT NUMBER:_____________________________________________________

We believe the enclosed manuscript falls within your sphere of interest, and we would value your comments and recommendations. If you would prefer not to review this manuscript or will be unable to do so within the next four weeks, please notify JPN's editorial office immediately (; 202-463-6930). Please maintain the confidentiality of this manuscript. Until publication, its contents are the property of the author.

RECOMMENDATION (place "X" after appropriate choice): Accept___ Revise___ Reject___

  • Is the subject matter appropriate for publication in JPN?
  • Is it a significant and original contribution to knowledge in the field?
  • Are the experimental design, methods, and results clearly presented, complete, and soundly based?
  • Do the author's conclusions logically follow from the data?
  • Are the references pertinent, current, and in APA format?
  • Are illustrations and tables adequate in quality and number?

Please provide constructive criticism and specific suggestions for consideration by the author.