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Thought Leaders Assembly

AACN’s Thought Leaders Assembly provides a forum for generative thinking by the Board of Directors, invited guests, member deans, and senior staff on emerging trends and issues impacting health, health care, and higher education. This dialogue is designed to stimulate fresh thinking and better position AACN to serve as a catalyst for innovation in academic nursing.

Summary Reports

Excellence in Academic Nursing Addressing Well-being to Prepare Tomorrow’s Nursing Workforce
July 2022 | Vail, CO

Advancing Racial Equity in Academic Nursing
January 2021 | Virtual

Lessons Learned: Exemplary Partnerships in Response to COVID-19
September 2020 | Virtual

Transforming Academic Nursing through Partnerships & Innovation
July 2019 | Portland, OR

Global Nursing Workforce: Examining International Trends to Combat the Nursing Shortage
July 2018 | Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Healthcare in 2040: Match or Mismatch in Supply and Demand
July 2017 | Breckenridge, CO

Emerging Trends in Health Care and Technology Influencing Higher Education
July 2016 | San Francisco, CA